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  • Pendant - Hoshen

    Code: 673

    A great combination: Magen David + the 12 stones of the high priest

    The breastplate of the high priest is one of the first signs of the use of stones. His shield was designed artistically.

    There were twelve stones known as the “Hoshen” which were, according to the evidence, inlaid on a board in four lines with three stones in each line. The twelve stones represented the twelve tribes of Israel while each stone was connected to a tribe according to the stone’s qualities and the tribe’s characteristic.

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    The stones set in The magen David are all "the real" stones:


     On the top: Ruby

     2ed row:  Diamond,  jasper, opal , Topaz  

    Center:  Onyx    Agate

    4th row:   Sapphire,    Aquamarine,   Amethyst,  Emerald  

    Botom point: Garnet  




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