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  • Purim Festival.

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    Message about rejoicing ahead of Purim Festival.


    My dear son, participants and readers


    There is no doubting that rejoicing is the strongest emotion that a person aspires to attain. True, that if we speak of love, of forgiveness, of compassion, of goodwill, of restraint and other typical behaviors, but above them all there is happiness. Even from a physiological point of view, it is known that happiness creates positive messages in the body that awaken healing hormones, that do good to the physical body, the emotional and the mental body.


    And what about the spiritual aspect of happiness? Every emotion, all behavior, is measured by energy. The power of the energy is measured by  its aspect if positive or negative, and the amount of influence it has on the body and the surroundings. A person relates more to negative emotions rather than positive emotions, because the negative ones are those that disturb him. They are those he needs to repair, to heal, in order to be healthy. This resembles a person who is looking more at what he does not have rather than what he has.

    Learn to examine what causes joy in life, like meeting certain people, circumstances or events, or anything else. When we look at a person from here, from Heaven, we see his energy imprint, his energy spark. According to this energy spark we can know a lot about the person. We can know his soul standing, meaning how pure he is, and we can see the measure of his happiness like a scale between grief and joy. In the measure of energy, a person is in between an extinguished weak energy, and a glowing strong energy. The happiness that comes from within, the real happiness, is what influences mainly positive energy, like grief is the main emotion that brings negative energy. When being happy one can also laugh. One can also laugh without being happy. laughter that comes from within brings a certain amount of joy. Laughter, as you know, one can create and awaken, as you have done in the past with the soul language of laughter.


    The definition of a healthy person, is happiness and health together. Happiness is a continuing situation whereas being rejoiced is something temporary connected as said to circumstances. As a person is happier he is more joyful, as long as a person has more moments of joy, he is happier. A person can have his energy extinguished almost completely because of illness, or an event of sorts, and to enter into a few minutes of deep joy when something is making him happy. This happiness raises the energy and the positive messages in the body, and influences the overall joy.


    Your conclusion should be, that also on occasions of sorrow, of illness, of lack of hope, try to getting into a state of being rejoiced. Even if the joyful situation looks artificial and not realistic, create happiness. Even if the happy situation looks artificial and not real, operate this tool. We are not saying this from a psychological point of view, but as pictures of energy as we see it from here. Why is this similar? Lets assume you light a fire, and after some time the fire is dying, only embers remain. You throw paper into it, or even more so paper with fuel – and immediately there is a large flame. The flame dies after a few moments, but if you continue to supply the fire with paper, the flame will stay. If you feed the fire with pieces of wood, the fire will rise and live anew and for a long time. This is an example for building a long term of happiness, resulting in a person improving his overall health condition.


    Do this, you to yourselves and to your dearest. Joy, humor and laughter, also for people who have lost all hope.    





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