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  • depression

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    Menorah  4.3.18


    What is the spiritual explanation for deep depression?

    My dear son, participants and readers

    Deep depression is one of the difficult Karmic lessons that exist. This is a situation, from  the spiritual point where the soul is suffering so badly that it  succeeds to depress the physical procedures of the mental body, emotional body and the physical body, the medical solution is to depress the depression, to limit it through medications, that do not get to saving the person from the situation he is in, but rather to control it, and to build conditions where the person can operate. But this is not healing. Because depression is a very heavy Karmic lesson, a lesson that comes from the soul, thus also the effective healing is soul healing.

    Depression is a situation where the person loses hope. The person sinks slowly inwardly to the depths of darkness, without relief, without hope, without a ray of light. His energies sink to the lowest levels, to minimal control by the body. Also his spark of energy drops to the minimum, and from here we can judge accurately people whose energy level is low because of a physical illness, where the soul is strong, compared to people whose spark of energy is low that comes from depression, or another soul  problem.

    A person is unable to receive any knowledge about the lesson of Karma. When is the lesson a physical illness? When is the lesson a mental illness? When is the lesson a soul illness? When does a person fall into the depths of depression? In every case, the negative Karma because of which the lesson of depression has occurred, is heavy Karma. There is no worse suffering than depression. One of the reasons is that western or oriental medicine, and the various alternatives, know how to deal with, to heal and improve the situation of the sick with physical illnesses. However, because depression is purely an illness of the soul, medicine has not found a solution for it, and is satisfied by retaining the existing situation, by balancing the condition and so on.


    You, or others who have access to the Akashik Records, should be able to know the original story from one of the previous lifetimes, of a person suffering from deep depression. But the truth is that generally identifying the story will not lead to the solution.     


    The soul healing, whereby we are actually peeling off layers of negative Karma, also demands no small amount of work by the person himself, together with the healer. But this is the best way. And the test is a big spiritual test:  What does a person do to get out of his depressive state? Exactly the same as from physical illnesses:  What does a person do when cancer has been found in him? Will he go only to regular medicine because that is common, or will he take himself in hand and seek with determination every other possible way to be healed.


    Thus it is also with depressi0on. Sometimes the energy of the spiritual soul healer is enough, but generally self healing is also required. There is no alternative to self healing. Why? Because that is what Heaven expects from a sick person:  A difficult obligation to be healed, and at the same time will learn a lesson. One of the conditions that help the process is to find a guide, healer, someone who can accompany and guide the sick one on his journey. Yes, this is a journey, like soul purification, this is a journey of healing the soul.


    I hope that you learnt from this message. If you know someone suffering from depression, unconnected to its depth, direct him to soul healing.


    Also the soul healers amongst you can also help these people.


    Blessings to all







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