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  • piritual and energy surroundings

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    Menorah  3.12.17 (Channeled during the meditation session)


    Question: Why people suffer in spiritual and energy surroundings?


    My dear son


    You ask a question that bothers many people, many healers, people on the way to spiritual development. How come people don’t feel good, are sick, go through health problems, especially in the vicinity of strong spiritual energies, or in the company of a high spiritual teacher?


    Today, as you mentioned, people not feeling good did not come this evening, after two events with powerful energies that you held this week. At Master Sha conferences there are always people who get sick or other illnesses. People are amazed as to why, as it should be the opposite, as spiritual work opens blockages, brings balance, for healing and health.


    So, this situation is correct.  The spiritual work, the energies, the presence of souls from world of souls, especially your teams in Heaven, your spiritual fathers and mothers, all these bring tremendous energy. Lots of light, light and love, plus all the other Divine revelations. But what happens when the light is powerful and massive? The light attracts the powers of darkness. Just like the opposite is true. They are attracted to get the energy from the light and to attack the light, because the aim is the opposite to that of the light – and to continue on. In the world there is good and evil, all controlled by the Creator. Each one of them carries out his task. Without evil there is no good, and the opposite is true too. In a place where the light is so very bright, the powers of darkness, one can say, withdraw or attack, and the makeup of the individual Karma is expressed in the lessons that man learns.


    Yesterday you did tremendous energy work in Jerusalem, perhaps one of the strongest that we have experienced in this World Above of th4e Group work. Not only was your work very powerful, but also Jerusalem as a whole was an energy centre – one of the strongest on the planet Earth. The combination was very powerful. In a place with tremendous light the darkness is attracted and brings the expression of the Karmatic subjects within those people that within the darkness has released their Karma. There is something good in this, where things, as you say, are released. This really is similar to removing poison from the body. When Karma is revealed it departs, and often continues departing. Another layer of Karma, and another layer of Karma. Look, each and every one of you has gone through hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes, and in most of them you collected negative Karma that leads to Karmatic lessons, like suffering and sicknesses.


    But you have the tools to measure up to this. To shorten and lessen the Karmic reactions, as well as to heal sicknesses that are created. The students amongst you know this, and you my son, know how to teach the people how to use this specifically, and thus to recognize that each one can heal themselves or improve their health condition with these tools: Giving of better service to people, to society and to Humanity, carrying out the process of forgiving each day, and cleansing yourself with energy exercises. You have all the necessary tools for this in order to hasten the repair, eliminating the suffering condition. Do this! Use these tools and you will be blessed from Above, because the world of the souls sees that you are aware, that the suffering is a spiritual test, and it helps you.


    So, the message is that the spiritual energy is strong with a huge light, pull the powers of darkness, reveal the Karma points leading to sickness and suffering. You do the work and the suffering is reduced, the lesson has been learned.


    This is my message for you today, but don’t only listen to the message, read it and put it aside. Utilize what you have learned. Help yourselves and others in the healing and cleansing process.


    I love and bless you.







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