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at meditation meeting

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Menorah 21.5.17  By direct channeling at meditation meeting


Good evening this is Menorah


If you remember the message that I sent you in connection with the new President of the U.S. Trump, he is a true representative of the forces of light. And if you can continue to remember, in the same message I told you that the representative of the powers of the light brings the light of the powers of the light, is directed by the powers of the light. Thus part of his activity, perhaps the big part, will not be received nicely in the short term. That is the way of the powers of light. The powers of light work in the long term, for our highest good, which means that sometimes we are bringing closer, this day for tomorrow. The importance is the long term. Donald Trump is a representative of the powers of light. True that perhaps he is not popular, true that there are different opinions as to what he does, but he is working from the heart, from the soul, whether knowingly or not knowingly.


He has come here to this area and to us in a large beautiful cloud of light around him, a dazzling light, enshrined in a cloud similar to the cloud that lead the Children of Israel in the desert, and that shone at night, both inter-mixed light and cloud which the eye of Humanity will not see. Only if the third eye is developed is it possible to see or to feel them. What he will say, will lecture, are only part of what he brings to Humanity. The extra part is hidden from the public, and finally will be expressed by deeds that will be carried out under his direction. His serious intention is to bring changes that will help the process towards peace in the world, perhaps from his  conscious view of the interests of the United States, or other conscious views, but that is the aim.


His soul has been on a long journey until getting this position, he knew deeply within himself that he will reach the position of the man who carries the light. He never conformed to accepted standards. A person from the ranks. He has all the typical assets of the light, including courage, renewals, directness, to do non acceptable things. Perhaps when he slips in his language here and there, influenced by his consciousness, but directed by his soul. In the overall, this is not important. Thus you should know, that in the long term, everything he executes is for the highest good of  Humanity, the United states and Israel, to achieve peace, security and prosperity for Humanity. The price for the participants can be painful in the short term, but it cannot be helped, using a strong arm against the extreme Islamic organizations, whether with the forgiving hand in negotiating between both sides who have to learn to live together, in all disagreements throughout the world, not only here in the Middle East. This is his approach also for other difficult situations to be settled in the world, not only here in the Middle East. This is his approach also solving other difficult situations like North Korea, and all other dictatorships ruling in the third world.     


There is no other person who can do this work at present. Welcome him, strengthen his way and him, send him the light. This is the message for today.


Be blessed







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