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Menorah  18.6.17


Question: Can spiritual development help self discipline?


My dear son, participants and readers


Immediately after you thought on the subject of the question, I realized the size of the subject. Self discipline, or according to your description, the ability to execute an objective or a change despite the difficulties on the way, is perhaps the biggest cause in the development of a person in all walks of life. In order for a person to change, he needs to obligate himself to the change, and to persist. How many people can really do this? It is true to say that the ability to carry this out depends on the power and size of the change, but one can speak in the same language for all types of changes, small and big. In order to change in ones life, or in one of lifes spheres, the person must prepare  himself for the change cognatively, emotionally and even physically. These three bodies are accustomed to the sphere of life and certain realities, called the restful areas, and it is difficult for a person to lift himself over them. You all know this, and I imagine that each one of you has at least one personal example.


Here I want to help you with the spiritual approach, in order to be successful with the change. You are ready and want to make a change. Decide on the change and specify it. Prepare a kind of plan for the change. Specify what you want to achieve, or where you want to be after the change, describe to yourselves the path of the change, and the first step to execute. Now you have a plan in four stages.  Stage one is the essence of the change. Then write down what your life will be like after achieving the change and its influence. Second stage is the process, third stage is that first step to take, the fourth stage includes the elements of improving your life as a result of the change.


Now I will guide you in the meditation process whereby you be assisted in the process to lighten the whole change. Sit upright, take a few deep breaths, activate your imagination. In your imagination connect the soul to the heart, the heart to the consciousness, and the consciousness to the body. Now present to yourselves in your imagination your new position that you aim to reach, or to be. See the soul, the heart, the consciousness, the body, all circling energetically around the heading of the change and embracing it. Do this for two minutes. . Now do a similar thing, but picture in your imagination the process. From this imaging you will see the things that you need to do to begin the process of change. See the soul again, the heart the consciousness the body, all circling around the process all together and embracing it. In the third stage see the first step you needed to do and do the same. Now, you go to the fourth stage where you concentrate on the advantages of improving your lives as a result of the change. Do this exercise with its four stages for 2-3 minutes each stage, if possible 2-3 times a day, but at least once a day, preferably early in the morning. When you feel ready for action, go on the way.


Dear readers, you have noticed, not a little, from my messages that have dealt with the need to change, to examine yourselves for self discipline, with receiving the burden of change on yourselves. All spiritual development, and especially the entry into the spiritual world, requires action like this of change. Finally I will tell you, that it is worthwhile in every process of change, to attach to yourself a guide, teacher, someone to direct you and will push and pull you along the road. Thus, you have received guidance to change your life through a spiritual exercise.
















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