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  • a healthy body

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    Menorah 24.7.16


    The importance of a healthy body


    Dear son, Group participants and readers


    Your physical body, or everything made or living, first and foremost, has a soul. The soul comes to experience the physical body, because existing in the body is the only place where it can progress, rise and attain the highest levels of the frequencies and mixtures of the energy. The soul is always aiming to do this. In recognizing the normal cognitive position of the brain, the body is everything. It has wisdom and thought, it has emotions, and it is necessary to see to the body being healthy, in order not to suffer illnesses. Whether the approach is this, or whether the approach is spiritual, in all situations it is very desirable to worry about the body. The spiritual approach says that in order for the soul to develop and rise up in the higher energy frequency, one of the things necessary for this, is a healthy, sound body. By the way, from a spiritual aspect, the physical body includes within it, also the emotional body, as well as the conscious and mental bodies.


    Whatever your understanding is, take care of your body. The main worry about the body is the need to get rid of and prevent any poisonings. Sicknesses, suffering comes from poisons in the body. Physical poison that comes from breathing, drinking and eating, radiation, poison from the society and the surroundings that hurts the emotions. Exposure to evil events and violence, and finally there is also negative Karma that you brought with you from a previous life, that perhaps are not considered as poison, but is definitely considered as allowing the entry or retaining the remains of poison in the body. Thus, spiritual work needs to be based on nurturing the body to cleanse itself of poisons. Note that aesthetics as a subject is not mentioned. Aesthetics of the body, the skin, comes together with a healthy body. It is wise for you to carry out all those known things in order that your body will be as pure as possible, clean and normal to house the soul and obviously carry on a normal daily life. The activities will include initially everything that you are able to consider by correct breathing, avoiding radiation, what to drink and eat, what not to drink and not to eat, and understandably physical activity. If you are aware of the need and don’t know how, consult experts. Always prepare for long term plans for activities, something that you can manage and not something for which you will not have the strength to continue.


    A second activity to carry out with which perhaps you are not familiar, is the activity of meditation, and exercises to activate the body energies by exercising to open up the energy centres and the lanes of the energy flows in the body. Daniel has lots of these exercises with full explanations and demonstrating. The third activity is the cleansing of the soul from the influence of negative things that it did carried out in previous incarnations by the activity of the process for forgiving. And finally, the behavior that I refer to in many messages – is to be better people in relating to others and to the surroundings. Give unconditional service, be more forgiving and patient. Do not complain, don’t come to others with your complaints, take responsibility. Simply try to be good and more patient, not more righteous. All these together will cleanse and purify your bodies of the poisons within them, the soul will rejoice, the body will be happy, and you will have better and happier spiritual lives.


    Be blessed. Do. Do. Do.





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