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Unique workshop

Code: 2758

The Crystals Wheel of Life

SHANI  TODER  Invites you to a unique experience in

a magical workshop that combines the magic power of Crystals with a taste of Life Coaching.

In this workshop, developed by Shani Toder,

Shani will guide you to connect to the Crystals in

a different way that will help you see and

understand aspects of your life from a new

perspective that may lead you to make positive

changes for a better life.

Thanks to the way crystal stones are formed and

their physical characteristics, they contribute to our

balancing on a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental

level. Balance that leads to healing and empowerment in

all aspects of life.

The intuitive choice of a crystal, while concentrating

on a purpose, makes possible the

insight and enlightenment of what is important and

correct for us at that moment of time in our lives.

Shani will guide you by questions to choose a crystal

and then connect your choice to your goal.

Duration of the workshop – two to three hours.

SHANI TODER, is an expert in the field of crystals for over twenty five years, teaches the knowledge and empowerment of the crystals, out of love and connection to the World of Crystals, with enormous experience in directing and advising people. After taking Life Coaching courses at Bar Ilan University, Shani found a great connection between the two, a connection that led to developing this workshop.

Books by Shani “The Secret of Crystals” (English and Hebrew) “The Secret of the Crystal” (Hebrew). She also set up and runs the StoneAge website 

17 Aba Hilel St Ramat Gan. Private parking is tight | Phone: 03-5784506 | Email: