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Lag B`omer

Code: 2739

Menorah 22.5.16   Message for Lag B`omer A traditional evening of bonfires, Thursday evening this week.


When I send you a message for a Holiday or an event, the aim is to utilize the event to send a message, and perhaps through the event, the message can perhaps be better understood. Now for the message for Lag B`omer.


Let us relate to the custom of bonfires. This is a custom that represents two spiritual elements. The first is the fire, the Light. If on the festival of Hannuka we speak of inner light, as represented by the light of candles, on Lag B`omer we relate to external light, friendly light, the light that unites, light used for communicating, light that creates happiness around it. From this we learn that there is internal light and fire, as well as external and friendly fire. The bonfire does not have an objective of enlightening the individual person internally. The purpose of the light of the bonfire is friendliness, to unite, to enlighten the Group, to be a point of attraction to the circle gathered around.


The second element is the element of purification and cleansing, a most important part of the spiritual process. On Lag B`omer we burn. Through the fire we cleanse. Cleansing by fire is for wood and wood products, that form an important and perhaps main element of general garbage of the surroundings, and the burning and cleaning of roads, pastures, and masses of wooden products, which brings new energies replacing those that were locked in the old wood. All the five Chinese basic elements participate in the bonfire – the fire that burns wood on the ground, operating and controlling the fire with metal tools, as also the water used to extinguish the fire.


The process of cleansing and purifying is a most important process together with accumulating spiritual knowledge. A person who has within him information and spiritual knowledge, observes the bonfire, large and young as well as that part that has already become just glowing embers, and can see and imagine the symbol of the process of purification.

This evening you have the Full Moon, when the energies are wonderful and very powerful. Join the energies of the moon with those of the fires, that are expected in a few days time, the inner fire burning within you together with the external friendly fire. Direct these energies outwards to the World, to purify the darkness from Humanity, to purify Mother Earth of the Human injustice done to her. Cleanse and cleanse. This is the main message today. Do so this evening during meditation.

Blessings to you all.   


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