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Menorah  27.4.14  Evening of Day of Remembrance & date Menorah passed over.

What is the Cosmic or other connection to the Holocaust?


My dear son

The answer to your question is very broad, perhaps also difficult to understand, and surely difficult for most human beings to accept, and could perhaps result in certain opposition. In order to understand the reason for the Holocaust, you have to fly very very high up and see the previous processes, what you call history, and look far into the future of Humanity, what is called the vision, and within this, and to see the position of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

The answer to the question is inherent in that there are no events in      Humanity or on the face of the Earth, that are not under the Highest Supervision, that are not planned. It is impossible for events such as the Holocaust to occur without planning ahead, a long term plan whereby the event is part of that plan.

The Holocaust is bound together with all the events of the Second World War, and not to view the Holocaust as a separate event. Humanity as it was in the Thirties needed a powerful shake-up, as a necessary stage of the Soul Evolutionary development. Humanity needed to develop, to pass a stage. Many times progress is engulfed in difficulty or in a catastrophe. Thus it is in the life of humans, groups or nations, and so also in Humanity as a whole. In this case we are talking about the heart of progressive Western, educated Humanity, not in the areas of Humanity in desperation of which many have remained to this day – in Africa and the Third World nations.

The Jewish Nation as well as Humanity, required a most powerful shake-up, in order to realize the need for the creation of the State of Israel, in order to bring the Jewish subject to centre stage of Humanity. A long range creation, a powerful shake-up was the only possibility to awaken the Jewish Nation which was not so good in the Diaspora in the whole world. The annihilation of the Jews was the annihilation and cancellation of ancient energies that passed from generation to generation. There was a Cosmic need to stop at once the present cycle of all the souls that were present, and to bring about a kind of “rising of the dead”. Many of the souls of the Jews who were killed came back in new bodies in new incarnations in the course of 50 years after they were killed in the Holocaust. They returned to many nations, many of them to the family of Judaism. Without the Holocaust there would have been no possibility, or Cosmic ability to establish the State of Israel, which also arose with many difficulties. Note how the British Nation, that was a leading partner in the defeat of the Nazis, and in the victory of the war, was also the nation that was the biggest obstacle in the establishing of the State of Israel. These two processes, were part of its Karma as a nation in the initial loss a mongst the nations, whose illumination it carried for a long time.

The importance of the State of Israel I emphasized in a number of  messages. It is of such high importance in the development of Humanity, and in my messages I said the in the future there will be less hate of Jews and lot more hate of Israelis, because Israel is becoming in its actions a “light unto Nations”. And again I emphasize, Israel would not have arisen if not for the Holocaust, and I am not talking on the practical level, which is also important, but on a Cosmic energy level.

The war and the Holocaust have very many spiritual aspects, and I will relate to two important ones.

The first is personal, family. And you will surely ask, why were certain souls chosen to die, others to survive? This is connected to personal Karma of each and every soul. There are many types and questions, as  well as the total number of civilians killed in the war, especially in the Russian Nation, the question of the Karma of Japan, of the United States etc. etc.

An important point is to understand the Cosmic clash between Hitler and the Nazis and the Jews. Hitler, as I said in a previous message, was chosen as the head of the powers of darkness that were at his side in full force. The Jews on the other hand, are the representative of the powers of light in humanity, as is also written in the Bible. This clash, which had never happened with such power and determination, had to happen sooner or later, as the clashing energies had to create an explosion in order to progress.

When such powerful energy clashes are heard, the tension remains at a fixed if rising level, and the question of the time is until the friction and the explosion, and the time for this was with the preparation of the background, utilizing Hitlers image. Hitler, in the beginning, did not hide his intentions. He directed cleverly together with the forces of darkness who also guarded over him. However, continuing on his way, he himself went out of control, the evil powers, through a collection of dark souls – if you like Ghosts – controlled him, brought him to his decisions of illogical madness , and this was the stage when the forces of light began to grow and strengthen their influence and actually saved the world. If Hitler would have understood the external forces that control him, at an early stage, before the attack on Africa and later Russia, perhaps history would have been different. The forces of light began to express themselves, more and more from the all inclusive Divine Plan, that decided ahead on the duration of the war, the number of victims and the process that was to take place thereafter. It is not by chance, that the forces of the victors, both in Europe and in Japan, began immediately a program of rehabilitation of Germany, Japan and Italy as well as other nations of darkness, although it was definitely possible to destroy them and annihilate them from the face of the Earth forever.

The Second World War and the Holocaust are from a Divine and Cosmic point of view an unusual and difficult event, where the forces of darkness had an opportunity to act, but with control from Above, seeing the need as part of the journey of the development of Humanity that includes the cleansing of the heavy Karma to renew the energies for the coming future.

Again, I say, as I did at the beginning of this message, that it is a difficult message, that could awaken anger and anti emotions, against you the channel, and against the Divine Forces, and understanding these things depends on those same people, that have the soul strength to arise high and above, and to see and understand the things for what they are.


May all you readers be blessed.




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