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Menorah  13.3.16


Shalom my dear son, participants and readers

I know the power of music and its influence on the mood of Humanity. The question that arises here is, what is the task or the part of music in the spiritual world of the individual and in general? Does it have a specific task in the personal spiritual development?


Music is the energy of sound. Music typifies, perhaps being different to other types of energy, in a wide range of vibrations and mixtures, combined temporarily with rhythm and beat, sounds of different frequencies and different colours and a merging of all these together. Music is multi faceted, with no end to the variety of the types of music which is possible to compose and create, beginning with simple songs which we know as the song of the soul, or the singing of known songs, all the way up to the composition of a symphony orchestra with more than 100 different  musical instruments that play for an hour and more. Music is energy. Energy is frequency and vibration, and also typifies waves and tiny particles. A person is energy. Everything live is typified with frequencies and vibration of energy.


The energy is specific to every thing alive. Look at the comparison of fingerprints, or of DNA. Thus also, every person as well as everything alive and all nature, react differently to the same music. One person reacts differently to different types of music. There is music that lifts a person high up with the most wonderful feelings and sensations, and there is music that brings a person right down to the most harsh feelings. What is more convincing than to watch the molecules in the water to different types of music? Water molecules will react to classical music by a mass of six-sided silvery shapes, and will react to heavy “rock” music with muddled shapes in black or grey.

Nature as a whole is in harmony, where the voices are part of the harmony and balance in nature. The sounds of wind and the weather, and the sounds of living things. These energies have an influence on the growth in nature as well as everything inanimate. And above all, music  is pleasant for you, arouses you, urges you on. Listen to music. Sing as much as possible, without shame, for yourself and for others. Music is a kind of release, relaxation, and wonderful expression.

Make time for yourselves during the week to listen to music that is pleasant for you. Try different types of music new to you and find the parts that make you feel good, that raise you frequency. Such music, which you love, touch deep within the heart, deep into the soul. Identify the connection between the music and spirituality: energy that awakens and touches the soul.

Sing. Singing unifies. Singing has power, especially when executed in a group. Tremendous power eminates from a crowd of thousands  singing together.

Get close to music. Sing. It is not for nothing that we talk of the singing of the Angels. Not for nothing that many religious ceremonies, in all religions, contain lots of music.

Sing, listen to music, Go deep inwardly into your heart and soul. Allow music that you love to accompany the journey of your soul.


Be blessed






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