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error of Palestinian teenagers

Code: 2716

Menorah  21.2.16   Full Moon


On the terror of Palestinian teenagers



My dear son Daniel, dear Group participants and dear readers.


My dear son, you raise the question on the reason for the increasing terrorism of young Palestinians, boys and girls. You well know that strong light attracts the darkness, the powers of the darkness. The State of Israel is being strengthened with its energy, with the light that accompanies it and encompasses it, and the forces of darkness as always, seek and utilize the opportunities to disconnect itself from this light. These opportunities appear in various conditions and circumstances and always through people. How do the forces of darkness operate? They identify amongst specific humans, or groups of people, and influence their actions through the brain. The brain receives directives without being aware of the source that is directing it. When in the brain, a thought is being created towards violence, and the dark forces are attracted towards this energy of evil thoughts to violence. Often they succeed to influence this person to carry out a violent act, other times unsuccessfully. For a person who is behaving according to his heart, it is very unlikely that the dark forces would be allowed to intervene.


This sensitive place, where the forces of darkness enter, identifying the negative and violent thoughts, is a very delicate place, and the younger the person is, the chances of connecting to the forces of darkness are greater and will not reject it, knowingly or unknowingly. This is actually what is happening lately amongst those young Palestinians, that are influenced and activated by the forces of darkness, without the possibility of stopping the power that is controlling them. Therefore, this form of violence is almost not seen amongst adults.


What is important is that you can do something about these actions, especially as a group, in order to limit and prevent the influence of the forces of darkness, on the brains of those who are so exposed to them.


All of you must concentrate together in directing the light towards all these souls, actually people, whose energy exposes their most sensitive condition that permits the entry of the forces of darkness to influence their brains. Call upon their souls, introduce the light into them, as well as the love, the compassion, the goodwill and their desire for goodness. The goodness will be thought of through their eyes, as the ultimate immediate goodness. They will not even be aware as to what is happening, but the influence will be such that it will be preventing the mental need for violence.


I suggest for you, intense concentration for about 7 minutes of this directing of the light energy, saying quietly: “The light is entering the heart and the consciousness, to love, to peace and to brotherhood”. Repeat this while in concentration. Concentrate in your unified consciousness on the light that is entering into the hearts of all the Palestinian souls specifically, in every person whoever he may be, to whom is being directed the powers of the darkness. On this evening of the Full Moon, bring the light of the Moon into the energy of the light that you are radiating. Do this on all these days of the Full Moon.


Continuing, it is important for you to know, that the light attracts darkness, the darkness is fed from the light and from the opportunities when people are “inviting” the darkness, without being aware of the power of these dark forces that affect them, their souls, and actually the ultimate journey of their souls. A soul like this that can activate acts of violence against another person, is falling very deeply from its position on the path of the soul. Thus, when a person changes his intentions and is stopped from carrying out a violent act, he is actually saving the path of his soul itself.


The time has not yet come, when people will know this, and will also know how to relate to the importance of maintaining a pure soul, by  performing good deeds. I believe that this position of general awareness is still to come, but for this there is a need for a special Heavenly guidance for Humanity – in the future will come.


Do your work. This is the order of the day.


Be blessed






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