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    The technique for personal change


    My dear son Danny

    I want to talk again about the technique to carry out change - personal change, basically everything that you do to become “unstuck”, because if we as humans do not advance, we are marking time and deteriorating.

    First of all, always, but always, look first of all at any point in time, at what you have – at the good things you have, even in your personality, abilities, and your environment. You are YOU. Are you aware of the most famous biblical sentence "I am that I am"? Try playing with the words, and you come to a similar variation of you is you, or I am who I am, or existence is existence.


    You understand that the last sentence is a bit difficult to understand, which is one reason why the original sentence is future tense. Future language also signifies the quest forward, if you will - the mystery. And the explanation is that first of all, pay attention to things about you, your specialness, your abilities, your talents. Afterwards, by the process which we discussed previously, determine where you want to go, define it very clearly, just as you want it to be - a vivid picture of the final result in your mind, etc. Then all that remains, is to define the space that separates the image in your mind, and what you should do to bridge this space, or rather, how you take the "I Am that I Am" to achieve the goal. Of course you also need to check very well, what you may risk.


    I want to talk about this. Every time someone makes a change there is a risk involved. Because change, is as much of what I stop doing, as what I start. Sometimes it is combined and sometimes not. Sometimes what you have to stop doing, is much more difficult than what you are doing. Not only that, but even when you stop something that you’re used to, it is usually the main obstacle to internalize the change.


    Therefore, the only solution is self-discipline while taking the risk. You know everything, you just don’t do it, and I want to help you to do it:


    It starts with the allocation of time – budget your time, block a time space, like when you say "I go to milu’im (military reserve duty)" you have blocked a time space. This is the first condition.

    Secondly, decide on what you will give up, what you will stop doing.

    Thirdly, make sure that when you do, you really know what to do. Prepare a work plan with steps and a timetable, and don’t make it too difficult on yourself. Go slowly, the maximum you can do is more than enough.

    Once a week check out what you did and continue.

    No doubt, it works - it really works.


    You know, when I was with you in the physical body, I did not know it all. I didn’t have to. My path was very clear - because I was one of those who was “cleansed” at a young age, through my illness. By the way, I really suggest that you reserve time to commit to change, in meditation. Bring harmony to your bodies - physical body, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, bring down the white light of healing. You can say some mantras to facilitate the process and make it flow.

    Use the spiritual tools to help you. During meditation, turn directly to God. Contact your higher guides, contact the Cosmic wisdom. These are the elements of a game that is unbelievable and not rational, not anything that is written in self-help books, but through this you will accelerate the process. Not only that, you will be at one with the process.

    I cannot control you. You have to do it alone. But get going into the process. The time you spend, is really the ‘holy’ time. By the way, this process works fine for everything in life, weight loss, change in eating habits, social change, approaching others, changing careers – every part of life.

    Finally, one other thing. Like you always say: Most energy comes after the first little success. What does it mean? It means that every effort is only the beginning – like jumping into the cold water, climbing the mountain, first ride on the bike. Only the beginning is difficult. But rest assured, don’t just say "I’ve done that and heard that". First you do it, then you begin to "hear" the comments, the feedback of self and others.


    Bless you and all who benefit from this lesson.




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