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Tu bishvat

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Dear participants and readers


What can be more natural on this day than to speak about nature? This day is the Festival of Trees and nature in general, and especially the vegetation, at its peak, especially when it is in a sleepy state of energy, between the winter and spring seasons.

This is the most suitable time for the renewal of the world of vegetation in its annual cycle, resembling the birth of the moon.

The vegetation, that really represents all of nature, is at its most sleepy level of the year. Generally, when we speak about vegetation and nature,  we refer to the whole world, but here we are relating to a Jewish festival which is embellished in the Hebrew Calendar and on the seasons as they are in Israel. Why does this apply to nature in general in the whole world?

Indeed, the Land of Israel was not chosen by chance as a land suitable for Jews, a strip of land where not only is there the most beautiful balance between the weather in its annual cycle, but also a balance in the earth, in the variety of its scenery and plants that are represented, in such a relatively small area.

And what do we learn from marking this day as the birthday of everything that grows in nature? Plants too have souls. A garden has a soul, a forest has a soul, every leaf has a soul, in every growing cell there is a soul. The physical part of every plant has a specific lifespan which differs from one plant to another, just like with animals, but the variety of the types of plants is far larger than that of the animals. This enormous variety also gives the plants the energetic power on the one hand and its beauty on the other.

The plants in nature are an integral part, inseparable from human life and all else that is alive on Mother Earth.

The main essential service that plants provide,  is the supply of oxygen, an element without which there is no life. Humanity does not give sufficient attention to oxygen, an element without which there is no life, which is accepted as obvious, something which is not felt, even less than the light of the Sun.

We are accustomed to the light of the Sun and appreciate it more on a cloudy rainy cool day when it is hidden.

Oxygen has no such condition as being exposed or hidden, resulting in a lower valuation in mans consciousness.

If Humanity would relate to oxygen with the importance it deserves and give it the honour that it deserves, it is likely that there would be far less sicknesses within Humanity and perhaps medicine would develop in a different way.

Oxygen is the physical resemblance to the Cosmic Light Energy: essential and no life without it, unseen, is not felt when there is an excess or a shortage.

Bless the plants, each and every day. Every flower, every leaf, every branch, every tree. Be connected to the plants as much as possible. Speak to the plant, give it love, light, give it your attention – hug a tree at every opportunity: give them of your love and receive in return their energy.

Plants return to you not only the supply of oxygen to the air, but also their beautiful appearance, their good energies, their good and cleansing smell, as well as a home for small as well as large animals.

It is most important that you understand the importance of the oxygen. It is the most effective medicine for healing all sicknesses by enriching the amount of oxygen in the cells of the body. Germs, viruses, parasites, cancerous as well as other cells, cannot survive in a place full of oxygen.

Breathe very deeply a few times a day, eat food that enriches your body with oxygen while remembering that it is supplied to you by nature, the wonderful nature and plants given to us by Mother Earth.


Have a happy TU B`SHVAT festival.








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