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Menorah  3.1.16


What is your message for your birthday this week (6 January Menorahs` birthday).


My dear son and children

A birthday is a joyous event in every way, even when you celebrate it for yourselves, and also when you remember the birthday of a person who has died, a person who is no longer in a physical body. Understand deeply the birth spiritually. Life in the physical body is intended to serve the soul and the ability of the soul to uplift itself while it was in a human body, and so a birth is a condition where the soul can live for many years – hundreds and thousands of years, beginning with the body actions, like the many lives in the past. The soul knows what it wants to achieve, it knows what awaits it Karmatically, and it also begins, already at an early age, to influence the desires and the mind of a person to act in the direction that it desires. But the mind is too powerful and too dominating, mainly because of the social surroundings in which a person grows up, when the soul goes into the shadow, is passive and has no influence.

Only when a person is aware of the process of spiritual development learning about the soul, can it develop towards it, to discover its needs and to listen to them.

Generally, people are not aware of the existence of the soul, and even if they are aware, they do not know how to receive directives from it. Then life goes through various kinds of suffering, similar to those of previous lives, and in many instances, the soul stumbles in its spiritual existence. The spiritual decline happens when the person carries out actions that are taken by the spiritual world as negative acts, which means accumulating negative Karma.

Then when dying, the soul departs the body, goes up and receives the balance – the level and type of Karma with which it entered the body, in comparison to the condition where it returned to the body.

Back to the birthday. This is a day of joy because on a spiritual level it signifies the beginning of the physical life. People who understand the spiritual life as described here, also accept death as something positive, natural, where the soul continues its way to the next incarnation, excepting for those cases of death at a young age, or any other death that occurs through tragic events, which is difficult at any spiritual level to be accepted.

A birthday is also a time when a person goes through a type of an annual reconciliation of his deeds and achievements of the past year, and also perhaps with planning the activities of the new birth year. Be happy. Smile. Improve every year, discover yourselves anew.

And as we are speaking in this message about me, I want to remind you again, my dear readers. I am here for you. Call me when you need me – for healing, for blessings, for consulting, for everything.


May you be blessed in your work.







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