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About 21015 ending.

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Menorah  27.12.15


About 21015 ending.


My dear son Daniel, dear participants and dear readers.


The year 2015 is coming to an end. A year of many happenings within Humanity, many changes, an important year where something is indicating a kind of passing into the future. Humanity, like also Mother Earth are not standing still. Changes are always continue. These are changes and movements that can be compared to the movement of air from one place to another, which is the Wind. How is wind made? Different air pressures in various locations, what you call a depression or barometric high, and the wind moves between them in order to bring balance, similar to the movement of water flowing down from a high place to a lower one, aiming for balance, understandingly by the force of gravity.

And like these occurrences in nature, so it is with Humanity. When there are poles, when something awakens which is very extreme one way or the other, forces are awakened that come to bring about balance to an existing unbalanced situation.

For example, the great humanitarian events of this year are those that ISIS and the movement of refugees from the Middle East to Europe. These two events come in order to bring balance at various  levels of energy. When a certain place is flooded with light and love and everything good, at a certain point the evil and the darkness are attracted to it in order to upset this situation, and again, to bring to a balance. This is how the powers of the energy of the Universe operate.

You will surely then ask what events or forces caused these two happenings of ISIS and the refugees in this outgoing year – this is a question whose answer is deep on an energy level. What is important for you, as Humanity, as people, as an energy group, is to understand that this movement is continuous at all times, for good or for bad. The forces of light work silently and with humility as it suits them, and negative forces tend naturally to stand out and make waves. You must continue steadfastly with your work and direct the light, the light which is the positive power of the Cosmic energy, the Divine energy, the original and the enormous energy of the Creation and of the Universe in general.

This year is ending and you must look forward to 2016 and are perhaps anticipating, what will happen this year. You as humans lack the possibility to know what the morrow will bring, you can only estimate what will be.

But your range of influence is mainly on the personal level as well s that of the surroundings. Act and do. Create change. Only if you make the change by yourselves, by the way of your behavior and the level and quality of the service that you render, only thus will you make progress on a personal, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It is not easy to come out of the usual situation, to perform unusual deeds that you are not accustomed to doing, and if necessary, get help from Daniel or any other spiritual guide.

The coming year will not be easy in an general way, not for the State and not for the areas surrounding it. At least see to it that you change, be better people giving more unconditional service.

These are the markers for the new international year. Do this and continue relentlessly with your Group work.

May you be blessed



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