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spiritual books

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Menorah 31.1.16


The importance of spiritual books


My dear son, participants and readers


Today you ask me a wonderful question, on the importance of and the input of spiritual books. I do not think that it is necessary to speak of the importance of reading in general, to increasing knowledge, receiving information and often also as a trigger for changes in your lives.

Spiritual books cause the reader to move in certain directions. Not only in opening new thinking channels, but also touching you deeply internally. A good spiritual book also contains the deep teachings that touch the soul and bring to you new experiences. Very few people are able to read a book on a spiritual subject and wake up next morning being “spiritual”, or to mount the spiritual path, without directives on how to exercise. Such are also some of the books that I channeled. Study and exercise.

A spiritual book is a book whose contents enters the consciousness, and this transition also succeeds to penetrate more deeply into the soul. To awaken the soul. How can we define initially what is a spiritual person? The infrastructure and the base for spirituality, well before the spirituality itself, is the understanding and consciousness of this life, in the physical body which is not the whole story. From the moment that a person feels that there is something more, beyond, that there is a soul, that this life is intended to serve the immortal life of the soul – this person has already taken a huge step on the path to spiritual development. Consciousness is not something extra, that has already been placed somewhere else. Everything that a person does, that he speaks, that he thinks, is done with the consideration of the soul. The soul and its traditions are the stepping stones and very good directives for the person in all his behaviors. Beyond this, when a spiritual person understand all about Karma, the care has grown ever more, as well as behavioral changes.

A good spiritual book emphasizes these things, in order that the reader will improve his ways, will be a better person, will understand with the depth of his heart and his soul, that he is here in the physical life in order to give unconditional service to the masses, to the community, to society, to the nation and to humanity, without referring to their professional occupation, and unconnected to their health condition or any other reasons.        

The person begins to feel the need to cleanse himself. To keep everything in proportion, to observe humility, honesty, restraint, and together with this to enjoy a happy life. He understands that if he is not healthy, it is difficult for him to give unconditional service. Therefore he has to make an effort to heal himself. To learn how to practice self healing. To change his ways – his accustomed eating habits, drinking habits and his way of life in general, and subsequently exercising daily his spiritual development.

Spiritual books are therefore not books for enjoyable reading. Perhaps at the start of the spiritual path. Many people in world history in general, that had no connection whatsoever with spirituality, went into it by a chance reading of a book, like others who entered the spiritual world after receiving spiritual healing.

Read spiritual books. Exercise. Find a spiritual teacher who will direct you. Practice every day.

The spiritual path is a wonderful path with no other like it.


Blessings to all




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