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The process of purification

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Menorah 25.10.15


Message for the Scorpio full moon meeting which is - The process of purification.


Dear son Daniel, meditation participants and readers


Now at autumn time, you are surely feeling the atmosphere that brings the weather, perhaps still warm – the summer leftovers, but the power of nature is above everything, and the autumn atmosphere is now coming to Israel, a little after the very real autumn of the northern continents of Mother Earth. When Mother Earth is showing coolness and closeness, it is also your time, the time for Humanity and for Humans to carry out a similar process on a personal level, at Group levels, as well as national levels.

This is a time for purification, and preparing for renewal.

Shut your eyes, go inwardly deeply to the consciousness, to the heart, and try to see and feel the contamination that is deeply inside you, still before you search for all the external contamination that feeds you.

Internal filth is what creates blockages that bring sicknesses, emotional distress, blockages in relationships, economic problems and in all other walks of life. Inner contamination is felt in the biology of the body. The body is poisoned. The body is poisoned by the food you eat, by the liquids you drink, from the air you breathe in. The energy in the body is contaminated, the emotional body is contaminated, the consciousness is contaminated, the soul is contaminated – and you are not aware of this.

What you need to know and recognize more than the contamination that is inside your body, is the causes of this contamination. These causes are way beyond eating and breathing. There are negative thoughts, negative things that you hear, negative sights that you see, negative talk and obviously negative things that you do. All this gets involved and absorbed in your daily lives, but generally you are not aware of this.

Add to this the eating, the breathing, the radiation, and all else that is connected to contamination that comes in from the surroundings, and open your eyes to see that not only do you have contamination within you, but that you continue to absorb and increase the contamination every day, every hour.

All causes of contamination cause the enlargement of the inner contamination, or in other words negative Karma, and these delay the efforts to heal from sickness or from any other challenge that you have in your life.

A contaminated body brings with it a lack of internal balance. A lack of inner balance brings with it blockages, blockages bring sicknesses.

Therefore, you must know, that the basic solution to sicknesses, to internal distress, to everything in all walks of life, is the stopping of all exposure to contamination, parallel with beginning the processes of cleansing and purification.

The first step taken you have taken, is by reading this message. You are in consciousness. You are now conscious of the contamination and the channels of contamination that are with you every day, every hour. Be continuously and permanently aware. This is the key.

The second step is to block the entry of the contamination - stop listening to negative things, stop seeing and looking at evil things, stop talking of negative things and things that hurt others, stop negative thoughts.

How do you measure what is negative? Actually, everything that according to your heart is thought of being damaging, something that causes you negative thoughts, like sadness, fear, tension, and others.

Be exposed less to the media, avoid watching violent movies, avoid being within noises that are disturbing, don’t go deeply, don’t go deeply into reports of violence, avoid as much as possible negative thoughts and choose your words before you speak.

And if you have already been exposed to something negative in whatever way, ask yourselves immediately for forgiveness for this exposure, and ask of yourself immediately to distance this negative cause from within you.

Meditate, sharpen yourselves, ask for forgiveness, connect yourselves to the Divine redemptions, - you have many varied means which you Daniel, can instill into all the readers.

Perhaps you are wondering what is the connection between this message and the full moon of Scorpio, the period being the period of autumn, of going within. This is the most suitable time. The full moon is the most appropriate time to begin, when you are absorbing full energies of the sun and the moon, in addition to the energies of Mother Earth, the stars and the Heavens.

Take these directives in the highest of seriousness, open up the process of purification, and begin improving the quality of life, of your health, bring joy and calm to your hearts and to those nearest to you.

May you be blessed for an improved life, a healthier and happier one.





















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