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  • directing the Light

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    Menorah 12.7.15


    On directing the Light and the World situation


    My dear son and my dear Readers

    At this time, the World and humanity are going through very many   types of great turmoils. On the one hand, the technological revolution reaching every human – the communications via internet, the increasingly growing power of technologies, part of the developmemt of the brain age. On the other side, is the growing development of the branches of darkness and evil almost in every place in the world, even in places and countries that are not in the world of communications. The other aspect is the economic one that is rattling many countries. And in Israel, the increasing pace of exposing cases of  corruption and bribary. All this leads to a type of chaos, and common to them all, is the speed of the movement, the speed of the chaos.

    The Cosmic aim is – that mixed in with them are the changes mixed in with the forces of light, who will eventually take control and lead.

    But as you know, in every place where the forces of light are rising and shining, the forces of darkness come up against them in their full power, and even overcoming them.  However, never will there be a complete victory of the forces of light over the dark forces in the long run. Look at what is happening at this time, to the relationships between groups and countries in the western world, with the State of Israel. The forces of evil are influencing the numerous attacks worldwide, and growing in their intensity, the biggest spark of light, and therefore also the most annoying one, which is the State of Israel. To the State of Israel as a State, and to its Israeli citizens and individuals, as also to the businesses in Israel, a difficult time can be expected, that will not bring an easy time for humanity, for the family of nations. But this is how it works, when the sparks of light, and the divine righteousness try to pave them a way between the sparks of the forces of darkness. It is easier, and more understood by people of the world and identifying with what looks like an overall consensus, than go with the few against the flow. So it is the way, historically and human roads. All evil in the world is based in incitement, on sophisticated work of the forces through their leaders, in order to rule complete nations and to carry millions of people to evil, to serve the forces of evil. Look at Iran where a minority of leaders is dragging a complete nation, see the leaders of ISIS that are taking with them millions of people from all parts of the world, etc, etc. It is easy to connect with the evil, that is popular, that gives personal pride in a society gone off course. It is hard to go against the flow with the forces of light which are a minority and especially when they represent the Cosmic truth, the divine truth. But without these sparks of light, without the courage required to carry them, humanity, a long time ago, would have destroyed itself.

    You are surely asking, what each one of you can do, how can you contribute to changing the situation.

    On a personal level, if each one of you would be a better person, it would increase the influence on the whole world. Therefore you must learn, to be in real spirituality, not those who speak about it and do nothing. On a Group level – come to the Group, strengthen your work in directing the powers of light. We as a Group need you, like we need each one of you privately, as well as a group. I am repeating again and again, that the Light work is strengthened when it operates through people and groups, especially through a group like yours.

    Do your personal work so that you will be better people, give unconditional service, each day and in every situation.

    Do your Group work by directing the light to humanity, by strengthening the people of light headed by the State of Israel, to Mother Earth and to healing. Keep to the same order as you are doing now in the Group.


    This is the message for today. Don’t be satisfied by only reading and with words. Work. Work.Work. Do. Do. Do.


    May you all be blessed




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