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about Menorah Centre

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Menorah 13.12.15

Menorah to the Group about Menorah Centre


Daniel my dear son and all dear readers


A great change of energy began at the Menorah Centre on last Friday. I don’t know whether you felt the change, the lifting that you went through, you and the meditation room as well as the whole Centre. However, it was done. Every course of Divine Healing Hands that you teach, brings newer heights of the energies. As you and perhaps the other participants know, a big number of souls and beings accompanied you on these three days, and basically this presence, as well as my presence, brought about the increasing height in the energy of the centre and yours the participants as well as all those who come to the lessons at the Centre. Relate to the Centre as a place of national residence for these additional earthly beings.

These beings of light can settle only in a sacred place, a place that has an energy frequency of only a certain level, a level which only now you have attained.

We honour this achievement very highly, especially that as from today onwards, also the work of the Group will be at a very high level, and I hope that you will feel this. We from here respect your work very much and your overall progress as a group.

Your task now is to enlarge your rows, to bring in all those same living souls that are seeking a home, seeking a place of spiritual development, a place where they will feel comfortable without pressure.

Send out the energies of the place to all those same souls. Combine these energies with the directing of the light that you are doing with the healing that you are sending out at every meeting. May you be blessed when you are at this work of yours. Every one of you can feel the change in the frequency, the change in the personal energy vibration when you are present here.

This energy also comes with the messages, even small messages and all that you project out.

Strengthen your work this evening and at every meeting. The message in this message is to open your eyes, ears and feel all the senses, in order to know and recognize it when a change takes place, a change that you are to strengthen even more every time you meet at the Centre.

To those of you who are reading this and have not yet been here at the Menorah Centre, or those who do come at great intervals, I call upon you – COME. Immerse your fingers, your feet and your presence at this place, and unite with the place. This will sanctify you. Sanctify and raise the frequency and the vibration, concentrate in this divine work.

This is your work in directing the light, in helping to achieve peace and harmony, settling down Mother Earth and creating better people in giving personal service to all in humanity.


May you all be blessed.




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