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Festival of the saplings

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Menorah 3.2.15 TU B`SHVAT – 15th

Festival of the saplings – tree planting.

Dear son and all the readers

Tu B`shvat, is a festival of saplings, but it symbolizes more than anything 

the festival of nature, actual nature.

In meditation, we are accustomed to relate and to make sacred prayers 

to Mother Earth, and also of late to humanity and the heavens, the three 

main elements in the universe. But one of the most important causes is 

nature, or in other words, everything that is to be found on the face of 

the earth. Nature is of course part of Mother Earth, but it is also the most 

beautiful expression of the Godly completeness. Thus, the very highest 

command of the purity, of inner truth, of personal flow, can be compared 

to that of nature.

Nature does no err. Nature includes what grows, the inanimate, the water, 

the light and dark, animals – all is wonderful, everything is happening, 

every product has a mission. Mans highest form of command of purity, of 

inner truth, of personal flow, is compared to nature.

Study and learn from plants, study and learn the behavior of animals, 

study water that adjusts itself to all circumstances, all forms. Study the 

heavens, the clouds, the rain, the sand, the mountains – what do you 

learn? What can you learn about yourselves? Nature is nature, beautiful 

as it is, flowing as it is. Learn from it for the correct way of life for you, 

and also when nature thunders with lightening, in the earth and in the 

weather, it always returns to its natural calm place, flowing naturally.

And you as humans, you have desires, thoughts, you have the ability to 

improve your quality of life, to improve your health, to be happier and to 

make humankind happier.

Adopt the way of nature, but adopt it in full consciousness, knowing 

of your ability to give of yourselves to mankind and humanity. People 

find themselves with a higher consciousness than nature in every way, 

and therefore more is expected of them, and they can also give more. 

Life according to the laws of nature will bring you health and calm, but 

these are not enough if you have the burning desire to give more. This 

is the basic that makes it possible to work in other spheres, spheres of 

humanity, spheres of giving unconditional love, good deeds, goodwill, 

harmony, to all of humanity and the world.

If you wish, you can relate to two similar festivals in Judaism – Tu 

B`shvat, the festival of saplings and the festival of love, also on the 15th

of the month, but the month of Av, actually a festival to all humanity. 

The time difference between them is half a year, meaning that they are 

standing at the two ends of different seasons, and both with the energy 

 of the month of Shvat -

of the full moon. You can also add to this comparison, the holy festivals 

in Judaism to the Heavens and the Creator – the New Year and the Day 

of Atonement, to the connection of man with the higher forces. Thus we 

have three dates when we devote ourselves to a kind of festival of the 

earth, to humanity and the heavens.

Remember firstly, that it is good to live according to nature, and this 

needs to be clarified. The way of nature is the way of God. Nature 

operates without limit, with a fixed cycle, with many different levels 

of frequencies and consciousness, similar to a live plant and animal. 

Learning from nature will bring you to improve your personal quality of 

life, like your eating and drinking, sleeping, breathing, saving energy, 

giving to your surroundings, seasonal behavior, as well as personal 

characteristics like being humble and humility, sufficing in fulfilling your 

needs without exceeding this, and each one can find in nature, more and 

more things from which he can be impressed and learn.

The spiritual message for you is to live naturally, even if in order to 

do this you need to change some things in your life, where in the basis 

for good life, according to nature, it is easier for you to pay maximum 

attention to helping mankind and humanity – with love, and by giving.

Be blessed on this day.


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