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on the political situation

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Menorah 5.7.14

Menorah on the political situation – State of Israel and the 


Dear son Danny and all the readers

I am sending this message because of the great worry within Israel, 

of the political situation that keeps recurring at its lowest levels. As I 

pointed out in my previous message about the kidnapped youngsters, an 

incident like this, which perhaps is not considered on a national level, 

could possibly ignite the whole region, as has happened so many times 

historically. You are witness to the developments. All this is connected 

to the Karma of the State of Israel, to its Karma and to its citizens as a 

nation, with the Arab Palestinian nation, all of which goes back to the 

days of the Bible. Your aspiration as well as that of the world above, 

is to attain a true peace, an expression which for you means quiet and 


But the road is long, the Karmatic road. And you can see this all around 

you. On a national level, the Arab leaders are those that carry the national 

and populace Karma and they are controlled and lead by the evil forces. 

Their conscious need for revenge, to use force, ruthlessness and hate, is 

rooted deep in their consciousness, and they pass this on to their people. 

In this generation there has not arisen a leader yet, who will be capable 

to lead the Palestinian nation against the general flow, whose aim is hate 

and their desire to destroy Israel. Such a leader, who will be found and 

rise up one day in the future, is the only one who can bring to an end the 

existing warlike condition.

Do not forget, that behind the scenes is the religion of Islam with all 

that it encompasses in the Moslem world of the Middle East. Enormous 

negative Karma is circulating and breaking out, as part of the process 

of Karmic cleansing of many generations of hate amongst the various 

Islamic sectors. Islam has a very long road to travel until reaching the 

calm of internal peace.

There, in the State of Israel, Karma is coming out in most enormous 

quantities in all that is connected to internal corruptions, that have no 

limit. And the hand is still outstretched, as I mentioned in messages at the 

beginning of 2014, and more and more is still coming. Thus, the overall 

picture is that Islam is bringing out the most enormous Karma within 

itself. The Palestinians are mixed up with the Islam Karma and their 

Karma with the Jewish nation, Israel. On this level Israel is acting by 

directing the forces of light, all the way. Important for you to know, that 

if the forces of darkness would be those that are directing the actions of 

the State of Israel, the situation would be completely different, and a large 

war would break out with the Palestinians with very heavy losses in Gaza 

as well as in Judea and Samaria. The steadfastness and the general view 

of the situation as influenced by the forces of light on the leaders of the 

country, especially on Netanyahu, are those that are guarding the country.

In parallel, a large internal Karma is coming out, of what you call 

corruption on the public and private levels. The chase after fortune and 

power is a difficult disease in the Israeli nation, that brings negative 

heavy Karma on many different levels of the Israeli public. And thus, 

so does Israel await a future leader that will arise in order to deal 

courageously with these internal problems.

In spite of this, the general conclusion is that the country is developing 

and flowering in a most positive direction. Also this development, as 

mentioned in previous messages, will bring more and more hate against 

Israel and Israelis by the world, more than against Jews, which is known 

as anti-semitism.

For Israel, which is progressing and strengthening itself more than any 

other country in every way, economically, culturally, socially etc. it is 

very important to guard the peace in the world, and this on an energetic 

level, not on a level that you as humans can recognize or think. When the 

power of the light is flowing and growing, it attracts more dark forces that 

try to contain it. This is a universal law, or if you wish, the law of Yin 

and Yang in the Chinese philosophy. They both try to reach a balance. 

Thus, when the forces of light are strengthened, the forces of darkness 

try to contain them and balance them and they also are strengthened. If 

we examine the reverse process, it is different. In those places where the 

forces of darkness are strengthening, the forces of light are not trying 

to become stronger automatically. They can be strengthened only by 

the direction of man, of humanity. This too is a universal law. Thus one 

can see, in the course of history, that only when man initiates and rises 

against the forces of darkness is when he can conscript the forces of 

Godly light to his help. Thus the Godly forces of light will always seek 

the leader filled with Light, when it is possible to strengthen his Light 

with good deeds and ideas with which he leads.

Hopefully all is clear. What you must learn from this message, 

that everything that is now happening on the political level with 

the Palestinians is part of the Karma being released, a process that 

strengthens Israel and builds it. As a Group, we ask you to strengthen the 

work, twice a week, in order for us to be able to direct and strengthen the 

light on the road of Israel.

May you all be blessed.


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