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Chag Succot – Feast of the Tabernacles

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Menorah 5.10.14 Chag Succot – Feast of the Tabernacles.

What is the message to Man on this Festival?

Dear son,

Every festival of the ancient Festivals of Israel has a number of meanings, 

beginning with the hidden importance in the Bible and with the detailed 

instructions for it, and thereafter the meanings of the commentators, 

Rabbis, and the Oral Law (Talmud). From these we are able to extract the 

spiritual meaning, the energetic meaning, and finally the contribution of 

the interpretation of improving your quality of life, and that of everyone.

Actually, what is the purpose of life? At the highest level, the purpose of 

life is to give the best service to others and to humanity. In order to do 

this, you, as the giver of service, must be healthy yourself. A person with 

a chronic illness, a person suffering, one with deep depressions, is not 

free to serve others. When a sick person nevertheless gives of all his time 

to help others, he is making false use of his energies, and he is liable to 

collapse and find that his body dictates to him by paralysis or worsening 

of the illness, so that it is preferable in this condition, to concentrate on 

improving his health, more than giving service.

The Feast of the Tabernacles shows us that a person can live in a Succah 

(temporary structured shelter) and survive on very little. The Succah also 

teaches man that he can survive on very little. The Succah also teaches 

man that he can live differently and can cleanse himself and to abstain 

from real things around him and thus reach the inner reality of himself. 

This is the real innerness, without external peels of clothing, or walls, or 

masks. Existing in a Succah is usually accompanied by uncomfortable 

conditions or some suffering. That is part of the peeling, the removal of 

the external peel and the exposure of the personal inner. Upto here about 

the Succah as representing man himself, with his inner truth and perhaps, 

to the same extent, the inner truth of the family.

But let us take this one step further. A person understands his inner truth 

and asks himself, how does this truth serve him for the purpose of the 

higher life which is the aim of the service to others and to humankind?

A person can do this through his occupation, his business – to give a little 

more, he can do this through hobbies, by actively volunteering, and any 

other means which he finds correct. The basic principle is giving, giving 

whereby he can feel the satisfaction of the giving.

 But a person can also come out of himself and initiate activities to serve 

others, to society, to humanity. And here I know that you usually hesitate 

with an ongoing dilemma – where is the limit, if at all, between retaining 

humility and modesty as a giving person, and the use of charisma, 

positive ego, in order to attract people to accept the service? Let us take 

the story of the two service givers. The first one is a modest person that 

works from his home and gives genuine service to all that come to him, 

without advertising, without any activity to attract people. Compared to 

another person giving service, also giving genuine service of himself, but 

pushes himself, advertises, does marketing so that as many sick people 

as possible, needing treatment will come to him. In order to do this, he 

utilizes the inner emotional forces, that you can call the ego, despite the 

fact that the word ego usually carries a negative connotation.

Which of the two caregivers gives better service? Which of them carries a 

fuller meaning of the purpose of life, which is giving service?

And so the answer is that each one of them feels that depth within his 

soul and his heart, if he is satisfied with his work.

If the first one embarrasses the few patients that come to him and actually 

is sorry that not too many people know of him – then he is actually 

frustrated, and does not fulfill the full potential of the wish of his soul.

If on the other hand he is happy with the people who come to him and is 

not upset by the patients that do not come to him, he actually fulfills his 

function and reaches satisfaction with himself. 

And so also with the second one, but the opposite. If the advertising does 

bring many sick people for treatment, but he feels frustrated and not 

comfortable with the personal advertising, his soul is not satisfied, not 

complete, and he does not fully utilize this purpose in his life. 

On the other hand, if the healing that he gives to many people at the cost 

of his personal advertisement, but he feels good with it – he does fulfill 

his mission and his soul is satisfied.

The conclusion is, that every person should feel in his inner what way is 

good for him, in every avenue of giving service. There is nothing wrong 

with his advertising and building up his name, because the satisfaction is 

in that more people receive healings.

The warning red light needs to come on when he takes unusual measures, 

that turn him off the straight path, and actually also adds to his negative 

Karma. Thus when every person, in whatever business, can carry out 

many different activities in order to give service to as many people 

needing it, as long as all actions are clean, and every day he can look in 

the mirror and know that he has done only the right good things.

This is not always the position. Therefore a man connected to spirituality 

must examine himself each day, to know when he has crossed the line, 

when he has done a deed with which he is not happy, to learn, to learn the 

lessons and go forward.

The Succah therefore, in a spiritual and energy way, strips a person of 

all that surrounds his soul, his reality, and show him that it is possible in 

another way. And that is the spiritual meaning which I hope every person 

can learn from.

The evening of the Festival of the Tabernacles is the full moon, an 

evening of fabulous energies, the first full moon of the new energy year, 

the full moon that symbolizes the end of the period of forgiveness when 

a person goes within himself, beginning of the realization, the flowering 

into the new year.

This evening, in the full moon meditation, concentrate on renewal, 

in personal preparedness for the new missions of giving service to 


May you all be blessed.


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