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  • Life through the heart and soul.

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    Life through the heart and soul.

    The New Age, the age of the heart and the soul began not long ago, 

    and this is the first time we have an opportunity to explain these terms, 

    not only normally, but mainly their use on a daily basis, as a service 

    to improve the personal life as well as the life of humanity. Every 

    person knows that when we speak of the heart, we talk about emotions. 

    Emotion is the expression of special energy, differing from the energy of 

    thought, energy that penetrates into the brain of a person, and succeeds 

    in influencing him on deeper levels than that of thought. From this, man 

    may remember events for a longer time that had more emotion, than 

    events that did not cause him any excitement.

    The heart, as you know, is the emotional centre of the body from amongst 

    the energy levels. A person can relate more easily to the heart than the 

    conscience, the speck of God that directs a person in all his actions, even 

    when they are against all logic. The question is how can one differentiate 

    between them, between deciding from the heart or deciding logically? 

    When a person hesitates, how does he know to turn to his heart to make a 

    decision and to distance himself from making a logical decision?

    If a person in general, is aware of the need to decide, which is generally 

    not the case, desirably he should shut the eyes, use his imagination to go 

    to his heart, and only then make the decision. A better system is to try and 

    lower your thought to the area of the kundalini, in the lower back at the 

    base of the spine and to look at the heart from below and only then make 

    the decision.

    If the decision is spontaneous, it will come from thought, but an 

    understanding person knows to use the heart as a guide and not the head. 

    After making a decision, try and reflect on the decision and see how 

    you could have made it differently if you had the time and possibility to 

    decide by concentrating on the heart.

    Another way to rely more on the heart is the negative way. In everything 

    you do, try to activate the thought and ask yourselves ... is this me? Is 

    this really me? Am I happy with my body, heart and soul in this decision? 

    When the answer is positive, be assured that the decision was correct. If 

    the decision is doubtful, even the slightest doubt, also against all logic, 

    know that apparently you are making the wrong decision, a decision that 

    is against who you are – against the directive of the heart. And what if it 

    is through the soul? The soul aims for goodness. The soul of any human 

    aims for goodness in order to return and unite with the Creator. The soul 

    aims to direct the person on the road, giving better service to fellow men 

    and humanity. This is the direct road. This way of the soul is found in 

    everything you do, small and large. Thus, you can look upon your soul as 

    a kind of guide, with a clear direction to direct life in general and in every 

    personal way. The heart is the intersection that allows a person to .make 

    decisions that are united with the will of the soul.

    From this, where the heart is the mirror image of the soul, the reflection 

    of the soul, and the will of the soul, is the connection between the Age 

    of the heart and the soul, the reflection of the soul, the need of the soul. 

    This is the connection to the Age of the heart and the soul, a change 

    from the previous Age that was rooted on mind and thought, the Age of 

    technological development, the Age of the thinking man. In this Age, 

    man does not stop to think, but thinks a little differently. He thinks and 


    The supreme emotions observing the heart, are the emotions of love, the 

    joy and the happiness. When these are strong, they influence the brain, 

    on thought, and on the persons behavior. Negative emotions have the 

    opposite effect, and distance the person from the ability to connect the 

    heart and the soul.

    Therefore, you must strive for a condition of love and joy, to which can 

    be added many additional positive emotions.

    So it is also with your work as a Group, where your objective is to 

    achieve peace and harmony in humanity, actually rooted on bringing love 

    and joy to all humanity, a difficult and challenging task.

    Each one of you is able to create for himself a new life wherein you work 

    knowingly with the heart and soul, when you are aware where the heart 

    and soul are aiming to reach.

    In order to achieve this, you must forgive, control yourselves, love 

    unconditionally, give more, give even BE more than even now. The 

    change is not easy, but possible, to improve your quality of life as well as 

    that of humanity.

    Succeed in your life according to your heart and your soul.

    With lots of love


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