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The principle of development.

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Menorah  1.10.13


principle of personal and national development.


My dear son

Today, and at this time, the energy of light is
pouring over the face of the Earth, despite the fact that against this are
gathered the forces of darkness in full force. The beginning of the age of
Libra is not an easy period, a period with explosions and success of the
emissaries of the darkness, but more and more flashes of light are appearing in
all places, a positive sign for humanity and Mother Earth. This expression began
with the big changes amongst the Arab nations a few years ago, and of late is
receiving new additional renewal in most countries where the powers of light
are concentrated.

And how does all this affect you, on the personal

Everything is connected to everything else. Personal
development is similar in its stages to the development of nations and groups. There
are three possible tracks in development where this development is expressed in
energy – in frequency and vibration.

The first track is development and progress by means
of the power of light.

The second is retreating when the power of light and
energy is in decline and often also the influence of the forces of darkness.
You can see this track in an outstanding way in chronically ill people whose
condition is deteriorating.

The third is by marching time, where there is neither
development nor decline, a position of balance between the forces of light and
the forces of darkness.

Development and progress is the expression of the
application and expression of the forces of light.

The activation of the forces of light itself brings
development. Look as an example, at the plant life. Have you seen the growth
and flowering of any plants in the withering process before dying? The process
of the plants withering is the process before dying with the reduction of
energy. The material withers and in the end comes death. The level of energy of
the plant goes down to zero. The plant is fed by the energy of the sun, water
and minerals. The grown plant operates on a seasonal change. There are waves of
ups and downs. Ups and downs, the overall purpose being the purpose of
development. A tree for example, that has a long life span never marches time.
Even if the trunk does not visibly change, the branches, the leaves, the
flowers or the fruit, will always be in the mode of change, of development and
according to the season changes of the tree.

And thus, look at yourselves. See yourselves as a
developing plant. Your feeding is similar to that of a plant – the sun, the
spiritual development, water and food. As humans, adding the social level as
well as the mental and emotional levels that do not exist in the plant world.

It is very worth while for you to be fully aware of
the three types of development, withdrawal or marching time and identify your

Only a position of development can protect your full
health in all walks of life. When you are marching time, and you have no
challenge of development, it is difficult for you to retain the static position
and possibly after that you will begin to retreat, expressed by a lowering of
the energy level in the body, which leads to physical or mental illnesses.

One of the best ways to be on the level of development
is to study. Learn something new, and study every day. Decide on a specific
subject that interests you and give yourselves the objective to study this
subject. Even if it is about expanding the knowledge in your occupation or
business, or a hobby or any general knowledge.

Another way of powerful development is giving service
to humanity, to the public. If you have no other challenges in life, take upon
yourselves any public service. To give of yourselves to others in whatever way.
Only he who really gives full service to others, knows to value the joy, the
satisfaction and the energy received from an activity like this.

And always aim to give a little more than expected.
When you give a little more you are developing and the energy is strengthened
in you, by receiving a large inner joy, of yours and of the side that is

When you do something that in your opinion positions
you on the line of progress, your energy is strengthened, energy blockages
disappear, illnesses and pains disappear more easily and your joy of life

Inner joy is the source that hastens the process of
health and development.

Parallel to this, try to work on your spiritual
development, in order to strengthen the level of energy, both in the direction
of the soul and connecting to the spiritual world.

And if I go back to the beginning, this also applies
to nations. Even nations find themselves in the three positions that I
explained – development, retreat or marching time. The condition of a nation is
firstly dependant on its leaders and obviously also on its citizens. Here, as against
the personal level, the powers of good and evil play a part, the energy of
light opposed to the energy of darkness. Within the light there are elements of
darkness, and within the darkness there are elements of light. The light
workers of the countries of darkness are points of light in the nations of
darkness. Terrorism is the point of darkness in the nations of light.

And now I am relating to the work of the Group.
Strengthening the sources of light in the nations of darkness and the repelling
of causes of terror in the nations of light, is a most serious source for the
development of these nations, and this is a most important part of your work.

We are witnessing today, a positive development in Iran, in North
, in Turkey
and other countries, the same development by the influence of the energy of
light on these nations and their leaders. Strengthen them in this way, and
don’t forget also the many nations that are not in the headlines. The nations
that are at the stage of marching time or retreating, by internal wars, by
dictators and dictatorship, famine and sickness.

The only way for them to get out of these situations,
is by strengthening the influence of the light with the objective to attain the
change of the leaders and introduce new sources of light.


Learn, develop, be healthier and happier and continue
your good work.


May you be blessed.







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