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Why do people suffer?

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Menorah  30.6.13


do people suffer?


My dear son

This question is one of the central questions that
humanity has asked in all of its history. There can be many answers to this
question, but I am relating to the spiritual reasons. You know the answer very
well, but I will expand on it like this. Every person is able to know or
imagine what the reasons are for his suffering, and perhaps also know what he
needs to do in order to limit the extent of the suffering, and if possible, be
rid of it completely forever.

Suffering is a lesson. A lesson on Karma. Suffering
can appear at any time, at any stage of life, and at varying power levels.
Generally it is to be found in physical or emotional weakness. Suffering is
actually what a person experiences as a result of pain. Suffering and pain
generally come as a lesson for the soul and body, a lesson whose purpose is to
teach the person something about himself. What is the lesson? Why is the lesson

Our life, of our soul that is within a specific body,
is a life of a lesson. Of repair. This is the basis of life, that brings a
lesson to the soul. The soul goes through many incarnations, many different events
in its continuous journey. The soul, while being in a body "breaks down” when a
person carries out negative actions against another, actions that are expressed
by hurting another – physical, mental and emotional hurting. This action is
noted down in the book of the soul, and leaves a kind of open debt between the
one that hurts and the one that is hurt. One of the ways of "closing” this
debt, is when the soul that hurts, goes through a lesson, or a series of
lessons, whereby the soul learns, often with pain, by a similar experience to
that which he inflicted to the other. In other instances, where the suffering
is general and not specific, there are other explanations that I won`t go into
now. (Very chronic and other illnesses, cancer etc.)

This lesson the soul is able to learn only when it is
in a live body. When the soul is in Heaven, it progresses in spiritual
knowledge but not through lessons that need to help to "close” Karma that is
still open.

When a person is sick, with pain, he has a difficult
relationship with someone, he has emotional anguish, or things are not going
well for him in life – economically, relationships with partner or in general, as
well as healthwise – where generally one can put the blame as Karma lessons.   

More so, one can relate everything that happens to a
person in life as dependant on  Karma, in
spite of a person having full free choice. You must understand that free
choice, is a choice under the direction of the heart. The result of the choice,
whether a choice of the strategy of life, or if it is a decision of something
trivial and immediate in life, the result will be via the Karma track.

Karma operates at the level of the soul, and expresses
itself in this life in the body.

Another cause of pain, not considered part of Karma of
the soul, is where the cause is in this lifetime – trauma that a person
experiences in life, trauma that is caused by Karma. Karma itself often does
not have pain, but its memory is the pain. In such a case it is preferable for
a person to treat himself by erasing the effect of the Karma, on the
consciousness and on the memory, as the first step in eliminating the pain. In
every case, pay attention to everything  connected to all pain that a person
experiences, or suffering, illnesses and all aspects of life, where the origin
is in the soul or the consciousness.

In this life too, we accumulate Karma. Karma as you
know, is affected by happenings, talking, thoughts, and even any negative event
that we see or hear or even just read about.

Now for the solutions. There is no magic solution!

The solution begins with the awareness that good deeds
accumulate good Karma, which is the answer to negative Karma, and is used for
balancing the negative ones and even reducing them.

The benefit of positive Karma is abundance and

So, every person, especially one that is suffering,
must knowingly act by general behavior of unconditional love, forgiveness,
thankfulness, peace, patience and understanding. It is possible to add words or
kinds of behavior, all under one heading – to realize that we are here in order
to give, in order to assist, to give service of the heart to anyone, whomever
he may be.. Each one of us can improve our behavior towards this goal.

The main problem is that people do not realize that
they are not "paying”, and there is no-one who can succeed in making them
realize this. Therefore they are not aware of behavior that does not lead them
to giving a better service.

One of the problems is that people tend to behave and
act by following the majority, and being satisfied with social needs, instead
of acting as per their inner conscience, by way of the heart. In every case one
must consider what is the right thing to do, to talk or to think only by way of
your inner guidance.

Why do people not develop higher sensitivities to
themselves, to their behavior, to their talking?

Do you think that it is possible to "educate” adults, or
even youth, to better behavior?  

This is a complicated and complex problem, and one of
the answers is suffering.

Take note when people are more open to the subject of
behavior, giving and helping bothers. Yes, when they are suffering. When a
person suffers, he becomes a "better person”. The mass of energy, knowledge and
understanding are directed towards the pain, the healing, and less to the
behavior that existed before the pain. The person tends less to defend his ego,
less to social behavior, and more to his within, for healing himself and
getting well.

The power of suffering acts as an instrument for a
lesson for the soul, and a lesson for the body, when a person understands this.
Firstly he can change, even if the change is painful and extreme, and he can
also take steps towards healing, actions that are connected to this behavior of
service and giving.

You Danny, recently went through a bad experience on
your right shoulder, and look how much you learned and benefitted from it.
Until you understood in depth the spiritual meaning, the pains continued to
bother you. Now you have found the light that illuminates this situation, and
see how you have changed, how you progress. See the indication that you saw
immediately in a sentence in the Psalms "If I forget thee Jerusalem, may my right hand lose its
cunning”…..”if you forget the main thing , the deep meaning, the behavior of
full service to humanity (this is your "Jerusalem”),
the reminder you receive sooner or later. And you received this reminder in
your right hand. Actually just as this statement really means, where Jerusalem is just the
symbol. It is unimportant, that if before the event you think that your
behavior was exemplary, or not. Apparently you had to go through the process.

I appeal to all those reading this through you, - look
carefully into your nature, in your daily life, behavior, your words and your
thoughts – what is your "Jerusalem” and whether you will improve yourselves
towards your nearing ”Jerusalem”, or perhaps then you will feel an easing in
your "right hand”, you pain and suffering.

Every person can go through this process alone, or
through another person who knows the procedure to register it, in self
cleansing, or heading towards all these behaviors that make up positive Karma.

If you ask what is a person to do, - it is not
complicated. A person goes to himself, to his heart, and must understand the
multiple steps he needs to perform every day, every hour, that do not line up
with the behavior of unconditional love, compassion, listening, tolerance,
thankfulness etc. Then he begins the change with himself, he already knows the
way. This is part of the Golden Way,
the same way that I so often spoke about when I was still alive, the way of
real spiritual development, with all the heart and the soul.

And in order to rise a level and repair the negative
Karma, there is the 01process of self
forgiving of the soul, a process I detailed in one of the previous messages.

Rise and succeed on the road that is not so easy – but
wonderful, and thus you all, and all of humanity, will live with less suffering
and pains, and a better quality of life.


With Love



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