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The Full Moon

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Menorah  23.6.13


Shalom my son, I am here with you.


The Full Moon

You approach me and open your heart and understanding,
to receive a message that is appropriate for this time. Today is the day of the
full moon, for you all a very special one, a full moon together with the
longest day of the year.

Take a few minutes for yourself this evening, and
devote them to the deep understanding of the full moon. Concentrate and think -
what do you see?  What do you feel? Let
yourself simply BE, when you concentrate completely on the glittering white
ball. Go into it within, and be it. Feel the energies that flood you when you
are it, the moon. Feel the frequency, the vibration in the body, in the head.
Connect! The white light of the moon for you understanding it, is a pure
colour, soft, smooth to touch, but at the same time, a colour that contains all
the colours of the rainbow, and a wide selection of frequencies. So is also the
energy of the great white light of healing, used for healing and meditation.
The light from the moon is very deep and powerful. And you should know that all
energy is just a mixture of frequencies, like the moon energy, is very powerful
in its effect. Back to concentrating on the moon. When you are completely
within yourself, concentrate your understanding on all things that bother you,
that are needed for healing, like physical pains and bothering thoughts, one at
a time, and ask for healing.  After that
you can ask for anything that comes to mind, and it is also desirable to
include requests for forgiveness, as you do and teach as part of the cleansing
of negative Karma.

The condition for you to really get benefit from the
healing with the moon, you must be in complete concentration. Be aware of the
thoughts leaving you, and if that happens, open your eyes and concentrate again
with a view of the fantastic appearance of the moon, receive the energies and
return to the track of concentration.

This exercise you can obviously repeat every evening,
but on these days of the full moon, the effectiveness if of the highest.

Process of healing.

Now I want to relate to a subject that is worrying you
of late, which is the success of the healing and similar other systems. Why do
some people heal in one session, even by telephone, and why do others keep coming
back and the healing takes a long time?

That is most important, and it is good to learn how
you relate to it, and I relate to the basic fact, that the healer knows his

Every sickness, every pain or injury, whether physical
or emotional, has a source. The source could be a traumatic event in this life
or a Karmatic source. When a person receives the healing energies, he actually
gets energies suitable for his condition, where these bring balance of the
energies to the injured limb, the injured system or to the body generally.
There is no magic healing. The healing is the ignition that operates the body to
heal itself. Therefore, depending how deep is the injury, how long has it been
in the body, or its depth within the body, affects the length of the healing
time. The quality and time of the healing, depends on a wide range of things connected
to the person himself, the surroundings, his condition, his eating habits,
genetics, as well as the condition of his Karma. So actually, there are no
general rules defining the speed and depth of the healing.

Improving the chances of healing is when the healer
gets the patient to participate in the process. For example, teach the patient
to work on healing himself, in addition to the healing sessions, or in between
them, as at the end of the process, it is the body that heals itself, Thus it
is not impossible, that if the patient knows how to heal himself, the whole
process improves.

The deeper the problem is, the more the participation
of the patient in the self healing process is needed to get the best results.

Note the people who have been to you and were healed
in one or just a few sessions, and also note those who were not healed, even if
they felt some relief. You will learn quickly what the differences are, and
thus try to judge in advance, which patients have a better chance of being
healed quickly, and which will require a greater length of time.

The understanding by the patient and his ability to
heal himself, is more important than the abilities of the healer. As soon as the
patients realize this, and do healing on themselves, the chances of speedy
recover are greater.

Obviously, there are no clear generalities. There are
cases where the patient is unable, because of his condition, to heal himself,
neither physically nor by prayer or thought, and thus he relies on the healer
only. In this case the healer may request of the patient to come more often.

It is important for the patients to know all this and
take responsibility for their condition on themselves.

Carry on with your good healings, you and all the
other healers.


With love






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