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the ego, economic decisions

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Menorah  11.5.13


On channeled messages, the ego, economic decisions and


Shalom my dear son,

Lately you have asked and received messages for some
of your healing clients. I hope these messages help them to understand their
condition and help you in the healing. You are entitled to continue to wonder as
to the origin of the information and knowledge that you receive by channeling
and writing, but remember, what is important is the messages, the understanding
and the benefit that you and the readers get out of them, instead the wondering
about their origin.

All who connect to the heavens and receive messages,
pass them on through a type of his or hers personal "strainer”. In this way you
can pay attention to the particular print of the messages, without connection
to a specific subject. Many messages that I received and are in your
possession, were lessons in spirituality, in understanding the Godly world and
all connected to it, and also on the understanding of life upon the earth. You
Danny, and directed to your and other readers can benefit from them to achieve
a better quality of life, Karma cleansing and giving service to humanity. These
are most of the messages to which you are directed, even though many times you
receive educational messages, that are not necessarily directed to bettering
personal quality of life.

One of the major challenges of every person, including
people with spiritual knowledge, is the ability to control and limit the
influence of the ego. You previously received messages about the ego, but the
subject is so important, important enough to return to it.

You personally, with your spiritual development, can
differentiate between the levels of control of the ego on people. This has no
connection with the level of spiritual knowledge, even though logically there
should be a connection between knowledge and practice. The intention is that
whoever knows can implement. Wishfully, people can do this. This is one of the
biggest challenges for people. The effect is, that cancelling or reducing the
influence of the ego on mans behavior is the result of the ability to actively
behave with unconditional love. Meaning, to love everyone in every condition
unconnected to their overall behavior, or behavior at a specific moment in
time. Unconditional love connects with tolerance, self control, with silence
and controlling the quality and the amount of talking. All these can be
expressed only by controlled behavior, or as a result of controlling the need
to respond, to be abrupt, to be annoyed, or when it is found stamped in the
behavior or in the nature of the person.

The first type, is the most challenging and
problematic. What does this resemble?

A person decides to go onto a specific diet. In the
first days he operates  his most powerful
determination to resist temptation to take the unhealthy food he is used to.
But after a while, the need to knowingly resist declines, and the behavior
tells him to eat the same dishes, and to adopt new habits, becomes part of him,
to such an extent, that at a certain stage, he can no longer turn back.

So are also the elements of spiritual behavior of
controlling the ego through unconditional love, control and tolerance to

Thus you should begin, you who are reading this
important message, and if you succeed, you will be able to transfer this to
people close to you, in all walks of daily and social life. Humility and
morality are part of behavioral elements and they do not interfere with a
persons` ability to be productive, to connect with his fellow men, to develop a
career, to enjoy family life, and measure up to all challenges of life.

Don`t you or the readers ever forget your internal
personal unconditional love with yourself – your inner peace and harmony. The
moment you bring this to your awareness, you will begin to release your
negative feelings, if you have any, - depression, desperation, sadness,
loneliness and tensions.

From here, the key to self cleansing of negative
feelings, is often found in the ability of loving ones` self.

Accept yourselves with love and learn to be thankful
for what you have whether little or in abundance in your own eyes. All this
will lead to an optimistic outlook, and improve your personal and social
quality of life.

Implement these things, and most of all, begin to view
people, the world and yourselves in a new light,- not through the eyes of the
ego, of the self, but through the soft eyes of 
I and them, I and he, out of unconditional love, control, compassion and
honour, and by strengthening the love and respect of the inner you. Thus you will
be strong outwardly and internally, quietly relaxed and in peace, and you will
be assured of a better quality of life.


You asked about the political situation and the

Remember the message about the elections and about the
new Government, on the mixture of the new energies suited to the New Age. We
spoke there about the difficulties of making changes. The new leaders according
to the message, make decisions operating from the heart and the soul in spite
their thinking all is part of knowing and logic. These decisions, as written in
the message, are decisions with positive meaning in the long term, with real
problems in the eyes of most people in the short term. Thus, these decisions
are not received with support. You can be assured, by the correct new energy
mixture of the Government which is suited to the New Age, that all decisions
made these days, are also suited to the soul development to the State of Israel
as a nation. Good things in the long run, blossom out of difficulties, out of
opposition. Remember this.


You asked about the position in Syria.

As I mentioned in the past, Syria is carrying the most
difficult Karma and the extent of this Karma is so very negative, as we learn
these days at this time. Take the Karma of the nation, connect to it the
various Islamic streams, and their configuration all together, the powers of
darkness, so as to understand the goings on at the energy level, at the soul
level. What is happening in Syria
is very serious, but similar situations, no less difficult are around the world
but with different expressions.

With the arrival of the energies of the New Age,
developing bubbles, like bubbles in water at the stage boiling, makes for war
conditions, cruelty and numerous casualties. In a certain way you can calculate
that this energy, that breaks out between people and nations, is similar to the
energy that bursts forth from the depths of the earth, or by way of hurricanes
or weather damage – energies released from Mother Earth.

Back to Syria.  In the end the country will stabilize, not
knowing the time span and the human price. The most important thing is who, at
the end will control the country.

You as a Group, can and must direct the energies in a
clearer way, to receive results, whereby the energies will coordinate with
those of the State of Israel.

Syria is attracting intensely these
days, more than usual, the forces of darkness, because of the stalemate
situation and its` special geographical location  - 
geographically pulled towards Iran,
bordering on Israel and on Lebanon, as well as with Turkey. And so,
you must direct your work towards the outcome of the struggle, and to those
whose energy mixture will repulse the dark forces that are presently in a very
powerful mode of controlling the country, and will harmonize with the energies
of Israel.


May you all be blessed in the hope that you will
benefit from these contents.





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