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How tto make a change

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Menorah  14.6.13


How to make a change


My dear son Danny


I have a fortune of knowledge to pass on to you on
every subject, just ask. Also on personal subjects. If you have a question
about somebody or something, you are always invited to ask. As you know, you
can receive any knowledge that exists, excepting about the future. Here in
heaven, everything is recorded, everything is known. The life of every soul, in
every incarnation is recorded here in the books of heaven, the incarnations
that were and those to come. But for a person the range  regarding knowledge that he can absorb, is
very limited and within this range a person tests himself. If a person is
capable of receiving a wide range of knowledge, connected to the past of his
soul, or connected to this or the future lives of his soul, so, in the course
of his life, the course directed by his Karma, would become muddled. The
knowledge that a person is able to receive, is the knowledge, of what will
happen to him, depending on his nature, the reason of blockages and life
limitations , as well as the reasons for joy and happiness.

A person, or you as people, are very inquisitive to
know. To know to know. What will be? Why am I like this or that? And finally,
what is the suitable road for me to follow, to improve the quality of life in
all the aspects of my life. And when the average person receives the answers
and agrees with them, does he act to do something about it? How many people do
you know that are able and prepared to change, even when they are convinced
that the change will really improve their quality of life? Or benefit their
health? We can see that the people that really succeed, are those that fate
pushed them into a corner, against the wall, or if you wish, before the abyss.
People who reached the stage of "to change or stop being” are those who succeed
more than others to make changes. Changes in their health, career, family
relationships, and relationships in general, in their economic position, etc.
And let us not forget the "ego” that so often affects the ability for a person
to change.

But most people do not reach the stage of being with
the back to the wall. How can they manage to change? The actual secret is
willpower. Why is it that people who went through a serious accident, or even something
lighter, in a relative expression, to carry out the change? The answer is that
they have come to the position where determination to change has received
enormous energy that emanated from their actual condition. They are in a state
of yes or no, to live or die, or choose any expression that suite you.

As an example, why do diabetics refrain from having
sugar? There are two main reasons – either because the doctor instructed them,
or "fear”  of not carrying out the
instructions, or because he understands that he has no other choice. This is an
example of where it is essential for the willpower to go to a stage of no other

But most people cannot make this change without the
activation of the willpower.

One of the powerful forces in activating the
willpower, is the power of fear and depression.

When a person fears something, and is fearful of the
results if he does not act, he will act.

Whether his action is done instinctively, by
activating  the nervous system of "fight
or run”, or by activating the logic or the emotions.

For example, for a heavy smoker who discovers he has a
sickness – the chances are that he will immediately stop smoking.


Now let us connect all this to the spiritual level.

As I explained, you can all receive the personal information
that you are seeking, whether by channeling, or by checking in an encyclopedia,
etc. etc. But there will always come a time when you look in the mirror and
will know, that in order to get out of the condition that you are in, you must
perform a change, and act. And you know, that you have tried and the road is
not easy.

As a first step, sit with yourselves, close your eyes
and go within, to the flame of the heart, and get confirmation that that is the
way, that that is the change that you need to make. Prepare in advance the
practical steps that you need to take in order to prepare the change and the
order in which to do it. At this stage, after you have connected with the
heart, concentrate your thoughts at the first stage of the process, picture the
actions that you are about to make, gather them in a golden light as you devote
yourselves to the first action, or the series of first steps, and see the
golden light spread in all your body, in all the cells of your body, in all the
limbs, going into the emotional body and your mind body.

Visualize the emotion of love wrap itself around the
action, the softness and ease of this happening. And all you need to do now, is
TO DO. And each step that you take, see the action covered in golden light, and
directed from the heart.

You are beginning your flow on the golden path. And
each day, sit within yourselves, go within again to the flame of the heart, see
the gold colour of the energy, scan your mixture with golden emotions of love,
all the actions that you have made. Do this every day, as you progress on
the  path of change.

This is the process that each of you can do, in order
to measure up in a pleasant and decisive way to the progress of change – by
taking healing steps, to change the family situation, to repair relationships,
to better the economic situation and in all ways of life.

And if you can go through this process with the
support of loving people – do this together with them.


Hopefully, this knowledge will help you, and all of
those that know that they need to change, but cannot find the suitable method.


Lots of love









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