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  • Amethyst Cylinder

    Code: 1947

    Amethyst Cylinder a beutiful formation : the complete cave covered with large points conecting to each other. 

    Amaizing as part of a wall - like a pictures , under a glass table or as part of sculptures

    The origin of the name is Greek and means "prevention from drunkenness". There were many beliefs to do with the Amethyst, which was one of the first stones used by man. The Amethyst was used to protect warriors and guarantee their conquest, to cure hunters, protect against diseases, control bad thoughts, strengthen intelligence and make its owner sharp in business. The Amethyst balances the energy centers in the body. Helps to open the third eye. Clears the mind and promotes spiritual understanding. Helps direct awareness releasing from negative thoughts and focusing on deeper understanding. Good for meditation. Provides a sense of courage, intuition and creativity. Eases fears. Can helps reduce egoism.

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