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  • Point Rosequartz ans Quartz

    Code: 1777

     Great quality Rosequartz and Quartz partly pollished - partly natural. .

    The Rosequartz is Known as the love stone.  Provides an energy of love and cleans old emotional wounds while developing self-love. Increases self-confidence, expression, creativity and the feeling of being content.

    The Quartz - Throughout history worldwide, many mystic qualities have been related to the Quartz, the most prevalent of which was connected to revealing the future. Purifies and provides energy to the physical, emotional and mental bodies and unites them into spiritual energy. Strengthens the power of other stones and purifies them. Stimulates development of the third eye and contributes to the development of awareness.  

    17 Aba Hilel St Ramat Gan. Private parking is tight | Phone: 03-5784506 | Email: