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MPH last worgs

Code: 1580
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    I speak on behalf of the MPH Creative Living Group. Menorah's light, like the candelabra that her name defines, was the light focus of the members of our group for many years. She was the light that illuminated the path for us to follow. She was our spiritual teacher, guide and healer who gave her knowledge and her wisdom in a way that changed all our lives. Through the messages she received from our Masters and Guides, we learnt unconditional love, non-judgment, goodwill and tolerance. Through Menorah's example of dedication to the work, we evolved into a meditation group of peace and harmony, doing the work of the light that we have been doing, and we will continue doing, even though she won't be with us in physical body. She knew the potential in each one of us and she motivated us to be much more than we are, or thought we ever could be. Through being in the group and under her loving guidance we developed abilities that we never thought possible. When a stone is dropped in the still waters of a pond, the ripples spread out in waves of movement. That is how Menorah's light spread out to the light-workers around the world with whom she was in contact. There are people in many countries on the planet whose hearts she touched, whose minds she awakened and who received of her light. We will miss her infectious laugh, her generous nature and her gentle beingness but we know that she will be watching us from her home in that high place where she belongs. Our gratitude for all you have done for us goes deep. Our love for you will connect our hearts to your light forever. God bless you Menorah.


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