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Good bye

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My last words at the funeral, April 29th 2010

Dear Mom 

I cannot believe I am saying good by. Just a couple of months ago you were so full of energy, teaching, healing, going out, taking care of yourself. This all happened to fast, I cannot believe it. You knew it was your last year here, you told me so but I did not listen so I did not get the chance to talk about it. At least you did not suffer for long. If you had to get such a brutal sickness at least it was short. Your life and what you chose to do in it were different and special, you helped so many people who were great full and depended on you.   

I   want to thank you For being my mother, for everything you have given me, for all that I learnt from you. For your love and support. You always thought that what all 4 of us did was great that we are all so wonderful. You believed in our crystal business and You loved my paintings and gave me so much support and strength to carry on…so I will. I will use the colors you loved and I will think of you while I paint.

You loved looking at clouds and sunsets, you loved dolphins and flowers…Beautiful skis and sun sets will always remind me of you

All 18 of us will miss the Friday night dinners that were so important to you and that we all enjoyed so much, and we will make a point of caring on even without you. Your grand Children enjoyed your love and were delighted at how you let them do anything they wanted like try on your shoes which became too small for most of them, play with your scarf's, jump all over your bed and more

Will always keep you in our hearts      We love you

עברו תשעה ימים, ש

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