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  • Pendant - Tumble stone with facet

    Code: 1521

    Unique and special pendant: Tumbled stone with facet

    Sodalite + Topaz Sodalite: For communication and self esteem Topaz: Strengthens intellect. Balances emotions Rosequartz + Garnet Rosequartz: The Love stone. Self esteem and love Garnet: Inner power and strength Smoky + Citrine Citrine: The affluence stone.  Smoky: Provides a physical sensation Amethyt + Peridot Amethyst:Calming. Strengthens intuition  Peridot: A stone of happiness and joy Quartz + Peridot Quartz: For purification Peridot: A stone of happiness and joy Aventurine + Quartz Quartz: For purification Aventurine: Calms and strengthens heart Quartz +Amethyst Quartz: For purification Amethyst:Calming. Strengthens intuition   
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