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Provides a feeling of happiness and fun. Strengthens bones and heart, energizes and revives the body when needed.

Provides protection from negative energies. Encourages smiles, sympathetic behavior and interaction.


emotions. Provides emotional and intellectual strength. Encourages original thinking, new experiments and achievement in business and finance.

May help treatment of the heart and lungs. Can ease hoarseness.


It is a balancing stone, particularly for those who use logic more than intuition. Strengthens and adjusts body and brain. Provides sensation of courage and strength. A powerful healer.

Agate blue, green, purple, pink

Dyed: blue, green, purple, pink.

The dyed Agates have the same effect as the basic Agate plus the effect of the color.

Blue Lace

A very calming stone it helps to find and develop inner peace and tranquility. The combination of the color and the connection to the fifth chakra makes it a good stone for anything to do with talking and the flow of speech when lecturing. Increases sensitivity and sharpens the senses.

Works on the thyroid


Increases ability to understand the unknown. Provides creativity. Eases release of emotions. Energizes the aura. Strengthens the nervous system.


Helps to keep calm and concentrated while solving problems and misunderstandings. Helps command a number of situations at the same time.

May help with problems of the nervous system.
Strengthens connection with nature.

Fire Agate

Encourages production and progress while bringing out the best in one. Provides happiness and a feeling of satisfaction. May help heal problems to do with the eyes and blood flow.

Fish Eye

Gives a positive outlook even during difficult times. Encourages seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


The Geode enables analysis of situations before making decisions. Strengthens assertiveness and enables planning the future.

May help treat problems to do with hands, sight and the nervous system.

Lace Agate

Helps find ways to achieve a higher level of awareness. Provides strength and physical energy. May help treat the skin.

Moss Agate

Strengthens ego and self-esteem. Provides emotional stability and strengthens positive elements in the character. Enables to see the positive side of a situation.

May help in cases of dehydration and inner infections. Helps to reduce fever and heal flu.

Moss Agate Orange

Strengthens positive elements in the character. Strengthens ego and self-esteem. Provides energy and strength to overcome inertia. May help heal infections in the abdominal

Orange Agate

Strengthens the physical body providing energy, joy and happiness, therefore recommended for people who feel tired. Helps in cases of confusion.

Connected to the stomach area.

Tree Agate

Balances, calms and strengthens connection to nature. Effects the heart area. May help heal cases of flu or fever.


Provides a sensation of power to confront and succeed. Strengthens the ability to survive. Good for protection. Increases the connection to plants and minerals.

May help finding work and encourages advancement at work. In this sense it eases the economic situation.

Relieves stomachaches.

Water Agate

Helps to clear up situations.

May help in the treatment of the eyes and heart.

ALEXANDRITE (Chrysoberyl)

Combines the third eye, heart and base chakras. Highly recommended during astral travel. Increases creativity. Helps to keep centered. Strengthens self-esteem and increases ability to enjoy happiness. May align mental, physical and etheric bodies while providing emotional balance.

May ease problems in the nervous system and those connected to leukemia.


Provides a positive inspiration in time of long silence or deep thought. Also provides tranquility during seclusion while strengthening connection with higher self. Recommended to those who practice astrology. Encourages charitable activity.

May help treat problems connected to the liver and pancreas. Eases shoulder and back pains. In case of backaches, it is recommended to paste a number of small stones on the painful area. For shoulder pains wear as a necklace

AMAZONITE (Feldspar)

Calms and eases mental situations. Serves as an emotional balancer and is important for spiritual development. This stone is a little like the Rose Quartz but unlike the Rose Quartz, whose energy gives self love, the Amazonite energy flows outwards to help others.


Eases pressure. Improves ability to make decisions, strengthens memory and intellect. Increases connection to nature and recommended for those who study nature.

Heals the blood, strengthens and stabilizes the abdomen area.


The Amethyst may help ease addictions.

Balances the energy centers in the body. Helps to open the third eye. Clears the mind and promotes spiritual understanding. Helps direct awareness releasing from negative thoughts and focusing on deeper understanding. Good for meditation.

Provides a sense of courage, intuition and creativity. Eases fears. Can helps reduce egoism.

May help those who do not sleep well, decreases nightmares.

Good for the metabolic system. Excellent for taking away headaches (please see example in the Autosuggestion section).


Strengthens and stimulates intellect and connects the intellect to spirituality. It also increases intellectual and physical awareness in a spiritual sense. May help rid negative energies from the aura.

Stimulates the circulation of oxygen in the body, and may ease the acceptance of body changes.


Provides stability and a framework for life and assists in finding ones correct path. It is recommended for people who work in construction. Eases depressions.

May ease the birth process.


As Amolite is a type of Ammonite with additional colors, it has the same qualities as Ammonite. In addition it provides happiness and joy.


Strengthens the top area of the abdomen and the heart.


Amplifies attraction in relationships while understanding the reason for being together. Increases and stabilizes manliness while providing power, perseverance and courage. Eases the approach to people and to various situations.

Strengthens the heart physically and emotionally. May help treat the abdomen area. Eases shoulder and back pains. In case of backaches, it is recommended to paste a number of small stones on the painful area. For shoulder pains wear as a necklace


Balances the physical as well as emotional body. Good for communication and telepathy. Calms and may help in the search for new directions. Encourages easy flow and the achievement of different goals. Recommended to those who practice astrology.

Do not leave in water. And do not place in drinking water.

APACHE-TEAR (Obsidian)

Recommended for people who have lost someone close. Helps comprehend situations in a realistic form. Provides an attitude of forgiveness.


Eases pressure, increases ability of expression and flow of communication. Stimulates intellect and creativity. Encourages accumulation of knowledge, channeling and balances energy.

May help lose weight by eliminating the sensation of

hunger. For best results (weight loss) wear or keep in your drinking water preferably with green Tourmaline.


Stimulates careful analysis of situations. Provides a clear contact to the physical body during astral travel and enables conscious awareness of the transmission of information received. Increases intuitive vision

AQUA-AURA (Quartz)

The Aqua-Aura is high quality Quartz that is Gold infused. The combination of the very clear Quartz and the pure Gold make the beautiful color that many people are so attracted to.

Stimulates the throat and the third eye chakra. Purifies the aura and eliminates negativity from the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies.


This stone flows as water and therefore may help in the flow of life. May reduce feelings of embarrassment. Strengthens optimism. and ability of expression. Helps eliminate unnatural fears. Sharpens mental purity. Very calming. Effects and may heal eyes and throat area.


Increases patience and self-discipline. May ease cases of heat or chill shivers.

The flower: Helps one keep centered, particularly during periods of pressure and anger or while preparing for meditation. Helps see the origin of problems. Recommended for those who deal with many different things at the same time.

Good for group and crew work. May help control ones own life. Increases creativity.


Recommended for astral travel Encourages spiritual development. Eases the ability to accept change and teaches that where there is an ending there is always a new beginning. Increases self esteem.

May help reduce fat from the body. Some people have found that using this stone helped them lose weight.

Do not drink water in which this stone has been placed.


Has a gentle and stabilizing effect on the area of the heart. A wonderful gift for young people. Calming and balancing, eases pressure and increases independence. Purifies and heals blockages of the physical integration of mental and spiritual feelings.

Strengthens the muscular and nervous systems.

In combination with Rose Quartz it eases the side effects of chemotherapy treatments: Hold both stones, each in a different hand while receiving the treatment. Since the stones absorb a lot, bury them and use a new set for the next treatment. (please see "Using a crystal” section for an example).


Stimulates recognition and improves physical strength by clearing blockages from the brain. Eases decision making. May help in cases of depression. Increases dreams. A mental purifier.

Strengthens spleen, bones and skin.

Not advisable to clean in salt. Water is also not recommended. Do not place in drinking water.



The combination of Azurite and Malachite makes a very powerful stone. It has the effect of Azurite as well as Malachite while the combination increases unique abilities and may help physical and emotional self-healing. Placing this stone under the pillow while sleeping may amplify dreams and help remember them. Eases pressure, good for lack of discipline and emotional balance.

May have the ability to cure defective cells and therefore can ease cancer as long as the person has spiritual awareness.

Not advisable to clean in salt. Water is also not recommended. Do not place in drinking water.


Encourages attainment of dreams and preservation of personal freedom. Helps keep and improve relationships. Increases self-confidence and calms while releasing emotions.

May help rid the body of toxins.


A stone of light and happiness. Strengthens telepathy and therefore recommended during astral travel. Influences general health and strengthens wisdom.

May help treat the blood system.


Provides protection against negativity and strengthens ability to adapt to situations and survive. May ease physical pains and help understand the reason for those pains. Strengthens intuition and imagination.

Provides strength and energy to people who suffer from exhaustion and weakness

BLOODSTONE (Quartz-Chalcedony)

Strengthens self-confidence and provides strength. Increases curiosity, courage and mental balance.

Stimulates and regulates menstruation, by providing energy to the blood system. Balances the blood and therefore is recommended in the cases of low or high blood pressure. Strengthens the heart area. Highly recommended for people after heart attack, or those who suffer from heart problems.


Many people feel the great power of the Boji, that balances, eases pain and provides happiness.

This is one of the most powerful stones I have experienced. May ease and cure different pains all over the body. May ease dizziness. Recommended to keep nearby after operations.



May heal lower back and provides strength.


A mental stone. Breaks the barriers of the intellectual mind allowing inner knowledge to come out. Encourages changing thought patterns. Enables the truth to be seen clearly. Eases physical pains especially those connected to Calcium.

Good for the heart, eases release of fears and pains. Helps one to accept unconditional love. Serves as a mental healer and balancing stone.

Angel wing

Calms and provides sensation of levitation and a feeling that "everything is fine”. Enables the ability to see a situation from different angles.


Strengthens memory, intellect and the ability to concentrate. Recommended for children who struggle through school or for anyone during exams. Many mothers told me about the improvement in their children’s schooling when keeping this Calcite nearby. Also good for anyone who feels that their memory is not strong enough.


A crystallization of fine narrow prisms or wide points, usually crystallize on other minerals.

The qualities are of the Calcite of the same color while due to the structure, the energies are distributed in all directions.

Encourages original thought and new ideas.


Excellent for treatment of anything connected to Calcium: Pains and broken bones, muscles and tendons. It has been found that many people who suffered from problems connected to bones healed faster and with less pain when placing the green Calcite near or sleeping with it under the pillow or in the hand.


When placed on a surface, it doubles whatever is under it. Enables seeing and understanding the duality of different situations. Strengthens memory and ability of concentration.


Provides happiness, vitality and sexual energies. Strengthens the second chakra. Heals the stomach especially if connected to muscles.


Strengthens the body and provides energy. Connected to the lower abdomen area. May cure impotence.


Special and beautiful. A combination of yellow Calcite points and a gray base. Found in Madagascar and the US as a ball shaped rock, mostly hollow: Has holes covered with the Calcite points.

Has the qualities of the yellow Calcite and in addition strengthens assertiveness and acceptance of decisions. Eases insight, acceptance and solution of different situations.


Stimulates the second and third chakra. May help heal bladder and internal infections.

CARNELIAN (Agate-Quartz)

A stone of happiness and hope. Provides courage and strength to proceed onward. Eliminates confusion and therefore recommended for people who are absentminded. Gives a feeling of coping with the more difficult side of life.

May reduce depression and feelings of loneliness. Directs the creative energy to ones higher self.

Helps treat problems of the spleen, pancreas, kidneys and gall bladder. Connected to sexuality and fertility, so may ease pregnancy and help in the birth process. Helps ease menstruation pain.


In ancient Jewish writings the Chrysoberyl is mentioned as a unique powerful stone that provides protection, prevents poverty, improves ones economic situation and brings happiness and luck. For this reason the original Cat Eye (Chrysoberyl) is very popular among the more religious Jews.

Represents happiness, affluence and luck. Stimulates intuition. Increases spiritual awareness. Provides protection from negative energies especially those coming from people who are envious. May help improve eyesight


Strengthens intuition and creative thinking. Changes negative behavior patterns that do not contribute to our lives. Eases adaptability and acceptance of new ideas. Good for communication and calming.


Also known as Celestine. A New Age stone, contains energies connected to the "angel world”. Provides a feeling of very calm power and mental purity. Enables the awareness and the brain to enter the heavenly reality where thoughts are free from any concerns and are not influenced by previous ideas. Helps preserve a sensation of security. Very calming and helps the flow of peaceful communication and the general flow of life.


Increases dreaming. Amplifies goodwill and provides happiness and joy. Decreases negative attitude and eases depression. May be used as a mental balancer.


A New Age stone. May help cases of subconscious fears which do not allow people to express their real self. Clears points of view and thought patterns that cause conscious feelings of guilt, sin and fear.

Strengthens energy in the body while getting rid of negative energy. Connects the heart chakra to the crown chakra and on to unconditional love.


represents harmony and change. It reminds one that the inner flower exists and flourishes. Teaches to live for the moment while preserving youth and freshness in one. Increases ability of integrating, therefore excellent for renewal of relationship. Enables seeing the complete picture and rewards ones efforts.


Increases personal power, intellect and aspiration to be the best. Encourages spirituality and strengthens the seventh chakra. Strengthens relationships and generosity.


A feminine stone which most women are very attracted to. Contains wonderful energies that balance the body and mind. Eases pressure, and guilt feelings. Relieves emotional pain and provides renewed emotional energy. Increases ability to love and understand others.

May help clean the liver, stimulates the kidneys and activates the spleen. Balances the sugar level in the blood.

Very good for anything gynecological, pregnancy and birth, ovaries, various pains and operations. May ease the problems of menopause. Recommended to hold during the birth process.

CHRYSOPRASE (Quartz - Chalcedony)

Increases ability and flexibility. Sharpens mental clarity. Provides tranquility and emotional, mental and physical health. Lessens a critical attitude and teaches forgiveness. Encourages self acceptance and acceptance of others. Strengthens adaptability and enables getting the maximum out of any situation. Provides energy to the heart.


Provides personal power, good manners and encourages gentlemanly elegant behavior. Increases assertiveness. Helps one be persuasive and attain dreams. Recommended for business, and may help eliminate obstacles in the way.

May help treat problems of the blood system, weight problems and fertility. Strengthens the body.

CITRINE (Quartz)

Increases self-confidence, desire and creativity. Strengthens intellect and memory. May help solve domestic or group problems. Efficient with anything connected to education, business and relationships with others. Therefore also known as the wealth or abundance stone.

Increases affluence and helps retain it.

Provides energy. Stimulates, kidneys, liver and muscles. Good for digestion.


Increases creativity. Sends a message that complete harmony exists in each one of us and that everything is possible. Provides emotional strength.

May help treat cancer and different problems in the cells. Effects the heart emotionally as well as physically.


Activates the crown chakra while maintaining physical awareness. Increases self-awareness and individuality while keeping up good relations with people.

May help treat the kidneys and the bladder.


Influences the flow of blood. Provides strong energy to the body and the brain. Heals metabolism. May relieve exhaustion and heals sexual instability. Directs energies.


COPROLITE (Stalgetite)

This is a fossil of dinosaur dung. No special qualities, but is an attraction for the curious.


Calms emotions and leads to inner tranquility. Eases depression, good for emotional balance and reduces sensitivity. Improves expressive ability and increases intuition and imagination. May ease nightmares.

Strengthens bones and blood cells and helps in regulating menstruation.


Eases emotional, physical and mental pressure. Encourages creativity. Strengthens inner beauty and charisma, vitality and strength. Makes one feel and look better.


A New Age stone. Stimulates the third eye and the crown chakras. Amplifies ability to receive clear messages when channeling. Strengthens the throat chakra while connecting with higher energies. Amplifies channeling ability and

connection to inner guidance. Clears thoughts and thus helps concentration. Encourages consciousness of dreams (what mat lead to Astral travel).

DEMANTOID (Garnet - Andradite)

Strengthens the heart, providing energy. Eases backache and shoulder pains. Calming.


Consists of Quartz and sand. Originates in the desert.

Directs personal development and self-improvement. Helps keep calm and in control when dealing with many things at once.

Do not place in drinking water.


May release personality blockages, eases pressure, good against jealousy. Strengthens self confidence and improves ability of expression.


Stimulates intellect and encourages finding solutions to analytical problems, therefore recommended to students especially in art and science. Provides a sensation of power especially during intellectual confrontation.

Helps understand the duality in each one. May help those who do not know how to cry.

Strengthens a weak body, recommended for runners.


Renews and heals the heart chakra. Purifies and stimulates the chakras to higher awareness. Helps heal old emotional wounds and teaches one to live for the moment without longing for the past or worrying about the future

May ease headaches and post-operative pains.


Brings inner tranquility. Encourages volunteer activity. Eases grief.

Connected to the lower abdomen area. Strengthens bones, blood cells, teeth, nails and skin. May ease cases of chills.

Not advised to clean in salt.


This stone may help one to stand firm. Increases patience and tolerance. Good for communication and enhances expression of spiritual ideas. Enables understanding problems or situations correctly and thus provides the ability to cope.


Combines copper and minerals. May help remove poisons out of the system. Balancing the yin and yang. Has a calming and balancing effect.

Not advised to clean in salt. Water is also not recommended. Do not place in drinking water.


The Emerald is a spiritual, physical and mental healer. Recommended for pessimistic people. May help ease back problems particularly if they result from emotional problems caused by involvement in problems of other people. Eases pressure. Good to keep while working with others. Increases ability of self-expression.

Strengthens the heart.


Strengthens the heart and has a calming effect. Increases sensation of self-love. May help balancing which leads to self-healing. Increases connection to nature and helps understand nature.


Increases intuition, happiness and pride. Encourages the full use of self-potential and creativity.

Good for communication. Recommended for those who practice applied science mainly mathematics.

Eases inflammation of joints and pain connected to muscles, scratches and wounds.


A wonderful stone providing clear, clean, soft and calm energy. Recommended to hold during meditation. Balances and cleans the intellect. Eases pressure. Strengthens memory and ability to concentrate therefore is recommended to school children and students.

Strengthens and balances the enamel of teeth and therefore may ease problems connected to teeth and gums. Strengthens the bones and eases rheumatism.

The Fluorite originated in different locations, has the same inner structure but looks very different:

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