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The decision to keep a crystal on our body or beside us constitutes the beginning of activity of the stone for us.

Many people, who have not yet experienced working with stones or have never encountered a case where a stone aided someone, think that it is only a matter of belief. There is no doubt that belief is of great importance. The belief in the stone will make it work better. Belief always helps.  People, who believe and know that they will recover quickly, will recover much faster then those who are pessimistic and are sure that they will be sick for a long time.

After so many years of experience I believe that it is not only a matter of belief. The best evidence is the effect of crystals on infants, children and animals who may be aware of the existence of the stone but most certainly do not think about the influence of the stone.   

 Children in Europe : Ambar to take away the pain of the growing teeth. Has an amaizing effect.

A number of years ago one of our regular customers entered with her two-year-old daughter who visited the store for the first time. The girl walked around the store. It soon became clear that she had to have her diaper changed, urgently. A few weeks later they returned to the store and once again her diaper had to be changed. While talking to her mother we found out that the girl suffered from constipation. Both times the only place the child chose to stand was by a full barrel of Citrine. She played with them and only with them. Out of the huge selection she intuitively chose a crystal connected to digestion. It worked!


A friend of mine, a banker who had never heard about the crystals and their properties until she met me, decided to place a Quartz cluster in her son’s room without his knowing it. She was going through a hard time with him and insisted on the Quartz although I told her I did not think Quartz is recommended for children, since it amplifies things. I mentioned that by amplifying, it may bring out things and therefore give her a harder time, but that stone attracted her.

The first month, things were much worse. She held on, with the thought that he was releasing emotions. After one month this 10 year olds` behavior changed so much that people wanted to know what she had done, to have so affected him positively. He did better at school, was not so cheeky and did not hit his younger brother and sister as much.            


One couple purchased a Citrine for friends who were not succeeding in selling their house. They mentioned that they bought the stone for a couple, who not only did not believe in the stones but that the very idea of a stone at home was a joke to them as well as to all their friends. They nevertheless placed the stone in the house that was sold the next day.

 Stones help dogs and cats as well

Someone filled their dogs dish with water that was kept in a jug with some Quartz stones. After a week of drinking "quartz water”, the dogs were given regular water that they refused to drink.


Many stories and experiences are told about the amazing effect of Amethyst on headaches.


Our first experience was when one of our regular customers told us how he had discovered the "crystal world”. Walking past a small gift shop on his way to work, he saw a small note: "Amethyst: for headaches.” Since he suffered from chronic headaches he decided that he had nothing to loose and bought himself an Amethyst. The next time he had a headache, he placed the stone on the third eye, as he had been told to do. Sitting quietly, within minutes, he felt as if the pain was pulled out from the point of the third eye.  The headache had disappeared. Since then he has used the Amethyst every time he has had a headache. Eventually the headaches lessened until they disappeared.


After hearing these stories, I recommended the Amethyst to many people who suffered from headaches. The results were amazing! Most people returned with the same description of feeling the pain pumped out from the third eye point. In many cases chronic headaches were also relieved.


Another customer related a story about a party she gave. During the evening one of her friends, a doctor by profession, asked her for a pain killer to help with a headache. She offered him an Amethyst, but as a doctor he simply laughed. Half an hour later he came to her and told her "you will not believe this..”. He apparently sat and held the stone near the third eye for a while. The headache disappeared.


Sometimes people do accept the idea that the crystals may heal them and expect a certain effect yet, receive another. This is another proof that it is not only a matter of belief.


One woman told us that in the past the Apatite necklace she used to wear really helped keep her appetite down. She complained that the Apatite she was wearing had no effect.  When I examined it I found that it was not Apatite…it was Iolite. The woman was sure that she was wearing Apatite and expected it to help her eat less…although in her mind she expected to eat less it had no affect - because Iolite has nothing to do with hunger.


One day a girl entered the store, came up and hugged me. She said that on her previous visit a while back, I gave her a stone as a gift. At that time she was looking for a new job.

She kept the stone with her all the time especially during the interviews. She succeeded and was accepted to all places. Finally she chose the best job and received even better conditions than those offered at first.

She had no idea what the stone I gave her was supposed to do; she simply sensed a desire to hold it. When she showed me the stone I was not surprised: it was a Turritella Agate which may help find a place of work and encourages advancement at work. The girl indeed was aware of the existence of the stone but did not know that its qualities were connected directly to work.


Although the influence of stones is not just a matter of belief, when we acquire or receive a stone it's important to know that the stone will help. When you give a stone to someone who will not accept the idea, choose the crystal and give it knowing that it will work. 

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