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Using the Crystals


You can use the stones in any form that you sense seems right to you.

Wearing a crystal or keeping it near you creates a general balance. You may carry a few different stones together, but if it does not feel right you should separate them. Some combinations may be very good for some people but not for others. Listen to your intuition. Look at your combination, if it looks right to you keep them together. If for whatever reason one or more of the stones do not seem right - separate them, even if you think you need the qualities of all the stones you have.

Some people always keep the same stone or stones, while others change the stones according to the needs or desires of each day (examinations, important meetings, court cases, pain, etc) or according to intuition. Many people who own a number of stones simply look at their collection every day and choose the one that "speaks” to them at that moment.


There are two general methods: You may be active or passive in using your crystals.

The passive use is when you simply place the stones somewhere and forget about them or just look at them sometimes. Many people keep stones at home, at work or in their bag and simply leave them where they are. The presence of the crystal near you has an effect, so that even if you "use” the passive method, the stones will still work for you. This is the way to treat crystals when you want them to give a generally good feeling in your home or at work.

If however, you want them to affect you personally you should use them in an active method

-          Keep the wanted stones in your pocket, your bra or in your bag and when needed in your hand.

-          Place a stone on any needed point on your body while lying down.

-          Sleep with a stone in your hand or under your pillow. Many people have found that the stone under the pillow somehow moved and made its way to the needed area of the body. Others, who chose to keep the stone in their hand while sleeping, were surprised to find that it was still there in the morning.

-          You can place some of the stones in your drinking water. For example, an Amethyst helps in cases of addiction or green Tourmaline with Apatite helps diet.

Very important!!! There are many stones that must not be used this way! Consult a gemologist or a chemist.

-          Hold your crystal while meditating.


Some people keep or use the same stones all the time, while others have many stones and each day take different ones with them, according to intuition or to their needs that day.

Just flow - do as you feel.


A few years ago, when my son joined a new pre school, I heard that one of the mothers had cancer. She went through chemotherapy treatments that affected her to the extent that she spent two weeks in bed. Since she needed an extra session of treatment and was terrified I chose Rose Quartz and Aventurine tumble stones, added an explanation and passed it to her through a common friend.

Since it was the beginning of the year, she did not know me and had no idea I worked with crystals. She had never heard of the use of crystals.

She had nothing to lose so she took the crystals with her to the next session of treatment and did as I recommended: She held one of each kind in each hand during the treatment and later buried them. The next day she used a new set.

After her previous experience and since the second time she had to receive stronger therapy each time, she expected to spend two more weeks in bed. Instead, she completed each treatment and to her great surprise, carried on with her day as usual.       


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