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Choosing a Crystal


We are not sure if you choose the stone or if the stone chooses you. While standing near a selection of stones you may be attracted to one or more. Take it in you hand and if you feel comfortable with it, it’s yours. The best way to choose stones is by intuition. You may be attracted to a crystal because of its color, its form, the feeling it may give you or anything else that makes that stone special in your eyes.

When choosing a stone, hold it and feel it. You should choose a stone you are attracted to, one that you feel you want to hold. Hold it freely in your hand and see how you feel. Each crystal has its own energy. Therefore look for the crystal that will feel good to you and to your energies. Choose the crystal by feeling, form, color or quality - the intuitive impression is most important.

It’s amazing to see how the intuition works. People always go back to the first stone they were attracted to. The most amazing cases are of people who stand in front of a huge basket filled with about 20 kilograms of the same tumble stones. They pick one stone, look at it and for some reason decide it is not good enough put it back in the basket and keep on looking for a nicer one. After moving their hands through thousands of stones they pick one to find that it is the same stone that they had picked up at first. At this point most people are very surprised but nevertheless put the unwanted one back and are stunned when they find that they have picked up the same one for the third time.

These people did not listen to their preliminary intuition and just had to find a "better” stone. The fact that the same stone, one out of thousands, kept on "coming” to them proves how our intuition works as well as the idea that each stone is meant for someone. Even the most skeptic are effected by such an experience.

You might find yourself standing in front of a huge selection of stones and in spite of your intention to acquire one you will not find one that you feel you want to buy. During your next visit to the same place you may find a number of stones you want. They may be stones that on your previous visit were there but you did not see them.

There are days when you do not find any crystal you want. Listen to your intuition, if you do not feel attracted to any stone, do not buy.


The crystal should feel "alive" in your hand. i.e. feel good. When you choose a certain crystal it works in harmony with you - therefore you prefer a particular crystal.

Our experience taught us that the intuitive choice is usually accurate. Thousands of people who chose a stone according to intuition, were surprised to find that the properties of the stone were exactly what they needed at the time.


In addition to the intuitive choice, one can of course, choose a stone meant for a certain purpose, although even then, it is important that the stone appeals to you. If you are looking for a stone for a specific goal, look at a number of stones that serve that goal and choose one of them by intuition.

The intuitive choice is important for two main reasons. Firstly, when we want a stone in order to solve a problem of headaches for instance, we usually do not know the real reason we suffer from headaches. The headache may result from pressure, a problem with eyes, teeth, sinus or some other cause. Usually the intuitive choice will lead to the stone connected to the source of the pain. Secondly, it is also important to use your energy and make the effort of choosing and not have someone else do the work for you.


I am sure this next part is not relevant to those reading this book, but nevertheless it is important to know why stones that are stolen do not work. When you buy a stone, there is an exchange of energy. You invested energy in order to get the money you used to pay for the stone while the shop owner invested time and knowledge in selling it to you.  When a stone is stolen the exchange of energy does not take place, and therefore the balance is broken and the stone will have no effect.

It is different when someone receives a stone as a gift. The person giving the gift, paid for it and intended it for someone else. Stones are often given as gifts and usually work very well. The positive thoughts while buying the stone and the intention of helping have a good effect.


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